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britx compaq delux review
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Safe n Sound Compaq Car seat

Summary Safe n Sound Compaq Car seat

The original Safe n Sound Compaq ahr was originally the smallest child restraint on the market, however design changes meant the britax compaq car-seat received a base making the car seat wider and more difficult to fit three across the backseat. The base of the new Safe n Sound Compaq AHR was made smaller appealing to a wider range of parents looking for a solution for smaller cars.

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Safe n sound meridian-tilt-adjust
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Safe n Sound Meridian Tilt and Adjust Review

Summary Meridian Tilt n Adjust

NOT RECOMMENDED… Update 2014 There are more up to date car seats which operate easier and have an easier to use easy adjust harness. Many parents reported that the tilt and adjust child restraints were difficult to tighten and led to many parents pulling the harness from behind to secure the harness around their child. Secondly when the restraint is forward facing, the tilt mechanism can be pushed forward by the cars head rest causing the restraint head rest to fall down.

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Luxi Caprice all in one birth to 8 years of age
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Luxi Caprice Review (0 to 8 years) by Infa Secure

Summary Infa Luxi Caprice

RECOMMENDED.. Update 2016.. The Infa Secure Luxi Caprice is the only seat that you will need, designed for newborn to 8 years of age. Other manufacturers do not offer such a seat and the best you will get is a forward facing seat that will take your child from 12 months through to 8 years of age. The Luxi like all Infa Secure seats, offers full side body protection and additional hear protection, features the other brands only offer in their premium models.

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Infa Luxi grange all in one car seat
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Infa Luxi Grange Child restraint and Booster Review

Infa Secure Grange child restraint Review

The Infa Luxi Grange Child restraint features a brand new design including a narrow and smaller footprint. The new design makes access to the vehicle seat belt buckle easier, allowing for better placement on contoured vehicle seats. In conjunction with a new single belt path for all three modes, installation is quick and simple.

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Maxi Cosi Hera MkII review (recall replacement)

Summary Maxi Cosi Hera MkII

Not Recommended – The maxi Cosi Hera MkII is the original Hera but with lower height markers, meaning your child will only last until is approximately 3 years of age.

The Maxi Cosi Hera MkII is the replacement of the Recalled maxi Cosi which had problems with the covers getting caught under the harness release lever. As far as i am aware maxi cosi have not given the replacement a new name.Continue reading