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What is a Locking Clip

safe n sound locking clip

A Gated Buckle is also called a Locking clip; which is used to help lock in the lateral tension; to prevent lateral movement in case of a side impact with another object.

maxi cosi locking clip

When you have either a Japanese car or an American Car; then there is a very good chance that you will not need a Gated buckle or a locking clip. The reason ;you may not need a gated buckle; is that these cars have what is called ALR or ELR (Automatic Locking Retraction, or Emergency Locking Retraction)

ALR/ ELR is a safety device in the seat belt locking mechanism to prevent the Seat belt from coming out further than it should. In order to activate the ALR / ELR mechanism, you need to pull the seat belt out fully, once you pull the seat belt out full and release the seat belt slowly, you will hear a clicking noise like a ratchet as it rewinds.

Alternatives to Locking Clip

Exactus Clip

The Exactus clip; is from Infa Secure; and is intended as an easier application to lock off the tension on the seat belt. The installation appears to be easy; until you start tensioning the seat belt and then trying to close the exactus clip. In order to lock off the exactus clip; you will require a pair of multi grips, to lock it off while the seat belt is under tension

Safe Grip Clamp

The safe grip clamp is included in all premium infa seats. The safe grip clamp is different to a locking clip or exactus clip; in that it is used on the buckle side of the seat. The key to using the safe grip clamp is to place it as close the the seat belt clip and only secure it across the sash section of the seat belt.


Like the safe grip clamp, the lockie goes on the buckle side of the seat belt. The lockie is intended for Family day care centres who need to tak out the seats on a regular basis. Unfortunately the lockie is made out of plastic which is very this and can buckle easily. To use the Lockie; tension the seat belt, by pulling the sash; then slot the lockie in the gap where the seat belt passes.


Like any situation; if you are in doubt, with your ability to use a gated buckle or an alternative to a gated buckle; then call in Professional Car seat fitters from the ACRI