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New Infa Secure Car Seats 2020

Finally after five years, there are new Infa car seats that have included isofix on a car seat with the easy adjust harness. This new car seat; is the old Infa Secure Quattro that will include the safe grip clamp and isofix.

Infa Secure released their only isofix car seat in 2015. This new infa car seat was an A2/B with a manual re-thread . At the time of release in November 2014, it was one of the first isofix seats to be released after approval of the 2013 australian standard. Unfortunately this was the first isofix released by infa secure.

Isofix Installation

Many user issues were considered during the design stage; such as how to tension the isofix connection but fell short when it cam to getting sufficient tension on the isofix connectors. This was a similar issue that faced the maxi cosi isofix system, where installation experience by the author (and installation expert with over 12000 installations) shows that it is not possible to get the tension expected by families for a stable installation

Britax; the creators of Isofix (along with VW) have over 20 years experience with isofix; and an sofix system that works; which is easy to remove and stow away, easy to tension; and it is possible to get sufficient tension expected by families for a good installation.

SAI Global

The extract from SAI Global for the new infa car seats (quattro) state:

Convertible child restraint comprising blow-moulded seat incorporating: multipositional headrest with Side Impact Pod and harness adjustment, a multiposition recline and a 6-point harness. Installation is ISOFIX compatible or may be used with a vehicle seatbelt. Options and accessories include: Energy Attenuation pads, Safe Grip belt clamp, Insert pads, Shoulder pads, Buckle pads, and Seat protector

New Infa Car Seat SIP

The new Infa car seat side impact pod; sounds phonetically similar to the Britax Side impact cushion technology (SIP vs SICT). The is no further mention of the old technology Air Coccoon technology (ACT) and the author has doubts there is very little or no change except to change the abbreviaion of the technology.

New Infa Car seats Harnessing

The fact that Infa are still using blow moulding to create the shell of the child restraints; limits the harness step increments (currently at 40mm)/. Compare this to the Britax harness step increment of 15 mm; you quickly realise; that Britax seats are a better fit, due to the small harness increment.

New Infa Car Seat Extended Harnessing

The extract from SAI Global for the type g seat (extended harnessing) state :

Child restraint comprising blow moulded seat incorporating: multipositional headrest with Side Impact Pod and harness adjustment, a multiposition recline and a 6-point harness. Accessories include: Energy Attenuation pads, Safe Grip belt clamp, Insert pads, Shoulder pads, Buckle pads, and Seat protector

Harness increment

This sounds very similiar to the infa secure emerge with all of its defects. The use of blow moulding technology has inherent limits, when it comes to the harness increment. The 40 mm harness increment of the Emerge is too large. In many cases; the harness strap is too far away from your child’s shoulders to be a good fit. Compare this to the harness increment of 15 mm on Britax car seats. The smaller increment on a Britax car seat; means it is a better and more secure fit.

Seat Recline and Head Flop

The recline mechanism of the Emerge needs to be re-designed; so that it provides a recline and does not just conform to the shape of the car seat. The current design of the emerge; means the current emerge, is not suited to dual cab utes, or many suvs on the market. The Britax maxi guard has a pedestal; which has the best recline for extended harnessing car seats, preventing head flop for children who like to sleep on long drives.

Integrated Headrest issues

The centre position tether strap of the Emerge; causes problems; when there is an integrated headrest. The tether strap needs to be split; or moved to one side. Neither solution is optimal; and should the tether strap go over the top of the headrest; there is a high chance the tether strap could slip.

The only solution is not to purchase the Emerge when your car has an integrated head rest. All other car seat manufacturers, have a split tether strap (britax, maxi cosi, mother choice etc..) coming from the side of the car seat.

Conclusion – New Infa Car seats

Not Recommended – Dis-appointmment is an understatement; with the update of SAI Global register, about the new car seats from Infa. Very few changes are indicated and those changes are not worth the expense of a new seat. Purchase an older style Quattro Treo; and you will get a better seat. As far as an extended harnessing car seat; the best option would be to look at the Britax Maxi Guard; with its easy to use harness and superior recline.

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Britax Maxi Guard review
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Britax Maxi Guard review

Recommended – The Britax Maxi guard is an extended harnessing car seat; which will take your child from roughly 12 moths of age through to at least 7/8 years of age. The Maxi Guard is easy to loosen and tighten the harness; with a great recline allowing your child to sleep in the car seat without headflop. The britax maxi guard will be the last seat you will need.

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Infa Secure Emerge 2020 perspective

Not Recommended – The Infa Secure Emerge is currently the widest G seat on the Australian market, the issue of head flop still remains with many parents struggling to tighten the harness. In comparison to Britax Maxi Guard and Maxi Cosi Luna it is not recommended however it is better than a convertible booster seat.

Infa Secure Emerge was the first of it’s type; G (fully harnessed until 7+) seat released into the market; when the 2013 standards came into effect. These standards changed over 5 years ago. Since then there has been very little change in this model. Many parents and fitters are wondering if there are any solutions to the very apparent issues with the Infa secure Emerge .

Britax Maxi Guard

In this same time frame as the Infasecure Emerge; Britax have introduced two upgrades to their first release model and introduced a basic version of the Maxi Guard. The first maxi guard was the Maxi Guard pro which was imporoved by making the seat narrower. The maxi guard comfi and the maxi guard text have been introduced; providiing memory foan cushioning and fabric protection.

Recline contributing to head flop

The recline on the Infasecure Emerge (other known names include Pulsar/Orbit/Accomplish/Opus); still remains unresolved, contributing to head flop; even with the addition of the rolled up towel. We have found in any duel cab this seat is not suitable. The Britax Maxi Guard; either model (Basic or Pro ); would be better solution in vehicles where the cars’seat is upright.

Harness adjustment…

Harness adjustment on the Infa secure Emerge can be difficult. This is currently a ratchet system lock off; that requires many small tugs to adjust. Achieved somewhat easier for those with upper body strength. Our experience has found to be more efficient; if you pull the slack out of the harness upwards towards the shoulders; this many help with the tightening of the harness.

The harness adjustments on the Infa Secure Emerge are approximately 40 mm apart; in comparison, Britax harness adjustments are only 15mm . The smaller harness adjustment of the Britax Maxi Guard ensures a closer (and safer) fit for your child. The better harness options are available with an easy of use harness adjustment ; making the Britax Maxi guard is a better choice.

Infa Emerge Harness fit and tightness

The fit of the harness around your child; is not as firm in comparision to that of a britax maxi guard. whose intial position sits lower making the maxi guard a better choice for children whose growth is slower. The Smaller increments means the harness is tighter around your child a better fit; therefore keeping your child safer.

Integrated Headrest issues

All Infa Secure forward facing baby car seat have thei top tether strap in the centre and the buckle position is not adjustable. The centre position of the top tether strap (inc infa secure emerge) means that when you have an integrated headrest; whether it is a toyota camry, volvo xc60 or a jeep discovery; it is difficult to connect the top tether to the anchor point; as a result, the top tether cannot be easily connected to the anchor point and must be split around the head rest or over the top of the headrest. In comparision the Britax Maxi Guard has the top tether attached on either sider of the child restraint; allowing for a more secure connection to the anchor point. The buckle position is not adjustable and being in the centre means that when the anchor point is is directly in line with the centre and near the top of the seat; it is not possible to tighten the tether strap on infa secure seats.

Infa emerge recommendation

In summary Not Recommended – the Infa Secure Emerge is currently the widest G seat on the Australian market. The very apparent issues of the past five years are yet to be addressed. The Emerge is not a seat we could recommend due to these unaddressed issues.

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Maxi Cosi Luna Car Seat Review

The Maxi Cosi Luna Car Seat Review is now official, with the release of the Maxi Cosi Luna Car seat on the 23 January 2017 (delayed yet again from the 16 January 2017 release date).

After a number of installations for the Maxi Cosi Luna; here are my thoughts and some customer feedback when trying to use the Maxi Cosi Luna.

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Luna Car Seat Preview

maxi-cosi luna car seat sideviewIt Looks like Maxi Cosi are finally going to release the Maxi Cosi Luna Car seat; an extended harnessing car seat for children up to 8 years of age. This is called a G type child restraint which is purely a forward facing cart seat designed for children from 12 months of age to 8 years of age. Read the updated review

Maxi Cosi Luna Car Seat Certification

On the 6 december Sai Global have certified the new g seat from Maxi Cosi. Information provided in the certificate indicate that

Forward facing car seat with adjustable 8 position air protect headrest with chin supports. Threadless harness straps with 2 stage base adjustment with 3 position buckle adjustment. Infant insert provided for 6 to12 months only.

Type G: Forward facing chair with harness, suitable for children approximately 6 months to approximately 8 years of age

This is a belated release as the other manufacturers already have a number of extended harnessing car seats such as the Britax Maxi Guard SICT, Britax Maxi Guard Pro, The Infa Secure Grandeur (actually 0-8 years of age), and the Infa Secure Evolve. Most of these seats have been out in the market for almost 2 years and have secured a loyal following from parents and grand parents out there. it should be noted that there are other g type seats but the others seats do not have a hassle free harness and need the harness to be manually re-threaded so taking into account the height of growing children.

Cool baby fabrics

Gone are the days of velour fabrics; where children are sweating in their car seats and over-heating, Britax, and Infa have cool baby fabrics so it goes without saying that; the new Maxi Cosi Luna will have their so called wicking fabric which has been used on previous seats.

Hassle free harness

If the Maxi Cosi Luna car seat does not have a hassle free harness then the race is already over, as Britax have the easy adjust and Infa have the twist and lift system, both are very easy to use to adjust the harness height for your growing children. From Maxi Cosi we have already seen a number of different system to adjust the harness height.

The Maxi Cosi Hera and Euro have two levers that need to be pushed in towards the centre before you can left the head rest up or down. These have the dis-advantage that the plastic covers come off easily and the mechanism can come loose.

The Maxi Cosi Vela and Moda have a similar system to the Euro and Hera, but it is harder to press the levers in towards the centre.

Another type of hassle free harness was used on the Maxi Cosi Aura (a now dis-continued seat) where you lifted a flap and can single handed lift the harness and head rest up/down.

The last system was used on the summit which had a single latch at the back of the seat (making it hard to adjust when the seat is forward facing) but still requiring your second hand to lift the head rest up or down.

Maxi Cosi Luna must have a single handed hassle free harness as it will miss the mark and not be a direct competitor to Britax and Infa.

Addendumfrom the images it can be seen that the luna is based upon the aura and has a single handed harness adjustment.

Stable harness Guides

According to the information provided by bubs n grubs; the Maxi Cosi Luna Car seat has harness guides, which is similar to the Maxi Cosi Vela and the Maxi Cosi Moda.

  • It should e noted that the Moda and Vela are rear facing seats where the chance of a twisted harness is greater.
  • Secondly twisting of the harness happens when the webbing of the harness is very thin, allowing the webbing to twist within the harness clip.
  • Thirdly; on most harness clips one side is bevelled where the webbing passes, re-designing the clip may help so that there is no bevel

Adjustable head rest

maxi-cosi luna car seat front viewBubs n grubs have indicated that there is an adjustable headrest with two sets of air protect built in.  The lower pair being able to be adjusted independently to suit your child’s growth and age and to help prevent head roll.

It should be noted that head roll usually only happens in the case where parents have used a cowboy car seat fitter; who has not installed the child restraint with the correct recline angle.  When the recline angle is incorrect; the child may not able to sleep  as the child restraint is too vertical. To prevent head roll only ever use ACRI baby car seat fitters.  ACRI Certified and Verified fitters understand the need for your child to be at the correct angle.

Adjustable Crotch strap

This is a feature which Britax have included in their Hi-liner booster seats for a long time with the anti sub-marining slide guard.  It is nice to see Maxi Cosi catch up so that our children can be more comfortable while travelling in the car.

It should be noted that the depth of the current Maxi Cosi seats (Hera, Euro, Vela, and Moda) on average; have a depth of 12 to 14 cm from the back of the seat to the position of the buckle, where as Infa have a consistent depth of 18 cm from the back of the seat to the buckle

Maxi Cosi Luna Summary

UNDECIDED – Given that Maxi Cosi are late to the market; both Britax and Infa have shown their extended harnessing car seats to be reliable and comfortable.  There is little to entice the author to recommend any other person to spend the money to buy the Maxi Cosi Luna. Added to this is the fact that you can now get second hand child restraints at significant reductions over the RRP for both Britax Maxi Guard and Infa Evolve child restraints.

Infa-secure grandeur Safest Car seat
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Infa Secure Grandeur Treo Car Seat Review

The Infa Secure Grandeur car seat, the first G car seat with A4 extended rear facing with treo active fabric. This is the only car seat that will go from birth through to 8 years of age. This car seat combines the best of many car seats such as extended rear facing and extended harnessing.

Going live; The Infa Secure live event revealed the next stage in car seat safety with the introduction of an A4 extended rear facing car seat and extended harnessing seat .

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Safety 1st sentry-extended harnessing seat
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Safety First sentry car seat coming soon

Summary – Safety First Sentry Review

Not Recommended – The Safety First Sentry does not have a hassle free harness and the seat belt path is too complicated. With an RRP of $349 is is marginally higher than the Babylove EzyGrow at $319. If price was a determining factor then I would go for the BabyLove but would rather wait for the Maxi Guard or Evolve to come on special..

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Safe n Sound maxi Guard Forward Facing G seat
in Extended Forward Facing

Safe n Sound Maxi Guard Review

Summary – Britax Maxi Guard review

Highly recommended The Safe n Sound Maxi Guard is the best G type seat to be released and will keep your child safe until they are are approximately 8 years of age. Many factors make this an excellent seat and it is the standard other manufacturers should ascribe to.

Britax were the second company to release a new G type seat, which is in accordance with the new child restraint standards released in September 2014.

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