Maxi Cosi Aura vs Maxi Cosi Goliath

Installing Maxi Cosi Aura is difficult, due to the complicated seat belt path. This complicated seat belt path leads to multiple errors and problems.

Installing Maxi Cosi Aura confusion

Maxi Cosi aura seat-belt pathA parent may get the incorrect impression as to how the car seat should be installed. The first illustration shows multiple forward facing seat belt path, three of the arrows are correct. The last point (with pink ellipse around it) seems to be incorrect and is pointing to the booster seat belt path.

When trying to install the Maxi Cosi Aura convertible booster, Parents will be confused, potentially leading to an incorrect installation.

Installing Maxi Cosi Aura and ALR

Maxi Cosi have not addressed the issue of when a car has ALR. The Japanese and American cars, have ALR and it can assist in the installation of a child restraint without needing to resort to a Gated Buckle.

maxi-cosi aura wrapping the armrestWhen ALR is activated; the seat belt cannot be pulled out any further until it retracts fully. When A.L.R. be activated; either on purpose of accidentally, it will almost impossible to remove the seat in future without cutting off the arm-rests.

Maxi Cosi Aura Secret Seat Belt Path

Maxi Cosi Aura secret Seat-belt pathIllustration number 4 on page 21; (appears to) show the seat belt goes through to the back and not between the front cover and the back. After all remember this illustration is only about 17mm in size.

Summary – Instructions for Installing Maxi Cosi Aura

You may be able to install the Aura if you have good eyesight and do not have a car with ALR. Read our Maxi Cosi Aura review here and discover why you should consider other restraints such as the Britax Maxi-Guard and the Infa Evolve.