britax kid guard pro booster seat review

Recommended – The Kid Guard Pro Booster seat is designed to fit alongside another baby car seat; as it is narrow and does not have arm rests. The Kid Guard pro has expandable wings allowing larger children to stay safely harnessed. The extended base allows for children wih longer legs to be harnessed without the booster seat digging into their thighs.

Extendeable Base

The Base of the Kid Guard Pro booster seat is extendable; allowing children with longer legs to sit more comfortably. The base of the Britax Kid Guard pro is extendedable; by winding the dial on the front of the booster seat. The base of the kid guard pro should be wound out far enough; so that it is under your childs knee.

Anti Submarining clip

The Safe Guard Clip /Anti Sub-marining clip; is designed to prevent children from sliding under the lap section of the seat belt. However the safe guard clip; needs to be adjusted so that the lap section of the seat belt sits at the hips. The adjustment for the slide guard is under the base of the booster.

Expandable wings

The purpose of the Kid Guard Pro Booster expandable wings is to allow children with wider shoulder fit into the booster seat more comfortable. The mechanism to make the wings wider; is by lifting the wings an widening them

Fitting 3 across with Kid Guard Pro Booster seat

THe Kid Guard Pro is ideal for fitting 3 across the middle row of the car; due to its narrow footprint and the fact that the booster seat does not have any arm rests.

The biggest problem with booster seats and 3 baby seats in the second row; is that the seats are next to each other and it is not possible to buckle the seat belt. The KId Guard pro solves that problem with no armrests allowing for easy access to the seat belt buckle.

Summary – Kid Guard Pro Booster seat

Recommended – The kid guard pro booster seat is the only booster seat you need when fitting 3 baby car seats across the second row. The additional safety features of SICT and the Slideguard clip; make a safe seat even better. When it is possible to use an extended harnessing car seat then we recommend the Britax Maxi Guard.