infa secure are capsule review
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Review infa arlo baby capsule and stroller


NOT Recommended – The Infa Arlo capsule is nfoot is not very secure and can slip ot compatible with any other travel system; meaning you need to purchase the arlo pram. THe capsule is only an A1 capsule and can only be used to 6 months of age. The adjustable, this means the installation may become loose.

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family use acri accredited fitter
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Child Restraint Safety Tips

Your childs baby capsule / child restraint has a lot of engineering and design that has gone into ensuring your child will stay safe, with revision ever couple of years with the latest update in September 2014, which saw the introduction of ISOFIX and the G type child restraint. These simple safety tips and pre-cautions may help you travel safer with your child

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Fitting three car seats across
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Fitting in three child restraints across the back seat

Fitting three child restraints across the back seat, is a task that is best left to an accredited acri child restraint fitter. Driving a large Suv is not any guarantee that you will fit three child restraints across the back seat. Fact many smaller cars are better suited to three across the back seat than many suv’s.

What is the best combination when fitting three child restraints across the back seat, what factors determine the success in fitting three across. A Mobile Car seat fitting service can help.

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