Baby Capsule Installation

Child Restraint Fitting is the reliable, fully-accredited service for local baby capsule fitting. Melbourne parents and Grand-parents have relied on our skill, expertise, and many years experience fitting baby seats and baby capsules for bayside parents. We are a trusted part of the Melbourne Baby Car Seat fitting and have seen many children go from Baby capsules, and Infant carriers to forward facing, and Boosters.

The great news now is that it is possible to book your Baby capsule fitting or the change over to forward facing child restraint service, online.

At Child Restraint fitting we are ACRI accredited and professional child restraint fitters and believe that you should be in control and understand how your Baby Car seats work, explain when a suitable time to upgrade to the next level and can even help recommend the type of child restraint that will fit into your car.

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Service Area

Baby Capsule Installation and fitting is available in the following areas Port Phillip, Bayside, Inner Melbourne, Eastern and South Eastern Suburbs. More detailed information can be found on our service area page.

First Child Car seat fitting in Mebourne

We recommend that you have your first child restraint fitted two weeks prior to the birth of your child, so please don’t hesitate to contact us in Melbourne for personalized advice.

Not sure about which car seat to select; hiring is the best options as you are not committed to a specific seat and your get to experience what a premium seat feels like to use.

Our experienced child restraint fitting team are the leaders in consistency, expertise and trusted by many Melbourne parents, grand-parents and are covering many Melbourne Suburbs in our service area.

Confused about which car seat to buy, we also hire out baby car seats, baby capsules and booster seats, to help you on your journey. We only hire out the safest of car seats and capsules call Anthony TODAY ON 0466 99 7233 to understand the next step in your journey to be a parent.

Note : European car seats have not been designed for the Australian conditions and should not be used in Australia

Most importantly European child restraints do not have a upper tether strap to stop the forward motion in the case of a emergency stoppage.

Pre-Appointment capsule checks

Child Restraint manufacture dateSecondly, you should check that the child restraint is no more than 10 years of age, even if the child restraint has not been involved in any car accident, the Australian Standards are constantly changing, plastic deteriorate with age and are not as strong and the cost of a new child restraint is not much considering what it is designed to do.. Save your child in the case of an accident.

How to read DOM (Date Of Manufacture) Clocks

The clock in the upper left shows ’08’ meaning the year of manufacturer is 2008, next the clock in the upper right indicated the month, in this case it is ‘3’ for March and lastly the clock in bottom right shows the day in this case indicating 5th March 2008