Car Seat Fitting Cost

A gated buckle is useful when you have a child under the age of 8, that needs to be harnessed in a Child restraint, whether that is a forward facing car-seat or a rearward facing child restraint.

In order for the child restraint to be effective, there are three attachment systems which need to be activated.

When you have any doubt about your ability to install you baby car seat call in an ACRI Professional car seat fitter.

These attachment systems are

  1. Upper Tether strap – Connects to the anchor point of the car
  2. Mechanism to prevent rebound – in rear facing child restraints this is either the rebound base or a stabalising bar, in forward facing childrestraints it is the back of the seat
  3. Attachment mechanism to prevent lateral motion – this is either threading the seatbelt through the seat or using ISOFIX attachments

locking clipIt is the last item where we need to use a gated buckle to prevent the lateral motion in case of a side impact and the seat belt method of attachment is used.

IF you car is either a Japanese or American car then there is a good chance you have ALR Seat belts, in which case you may not need a gated buckle.The two straps should slide freely in the Gated Buckle Slot

How to Install Gated Buckle

Converting Lapsash Seat belt to Lap seat belt

Fully extend the lap sash Seat Belt. Hold the lap and fold down as shown below. Slide Lap strap into the gated buckle then repeat for the Sash strap

The two straps should slide freely in the Gated Buckle Slot

Repeat previous Step A for the other slot in the “Locking Clip” keeping Locking Clip as low as possible

Feed the straps through the Gated Buckle as shown. The Locking Clip is now installed, re-connect the seat belt and if necessary make any adjustment to ensure the correct tension to hold the child restraint in place.
Download – How to install a Gated buckle (pdf format)