FDC Car seat audit
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Should you have a FDC Car Seat Audit

The Safety of children is of the utmost importance especially in family day care (fdc) needing car seat audits to keep the children travelling safe at all times.

Family Day Care Car seat audits is a job; that should only be done by professional and experienced ACRI trained baby car seat fitters, not someone who has just purchased a franchise; and has installed less than a dozen baby car seats in a 2 day training course. Anthony the Founder of child restraint fitting has installed over 12,000 car seats since 2012.

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Luxi by InfaSecure review
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Luxi by InfaSecure relevant in 2020?

Is the Luxi seat really relevant?

InfaSecure have been manufacturing the Luxi car seat or its equivalent for the past 16 years; since the 2004 standards (with the model CS40/41). However on reflection this design of car seat has little to no change in the design. Unfortunately in my opinion making this an outdated version of an an Australia original a weight based seat.

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baby restraint fitters south-melbourne
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Baby Restraint fitters in South Melbourne

Local Baby Restraint fitter in South Melbourne

At, we are pleased to announce that we have extended our service area to now cover South Melbourne, Port Melbourne areas.

We understand you are very busy and do not always have the time to fit in with the local baby hire shop in South Melbourne. We take you through the whole operation of the baby restraint; so that you will understand how to operate your child restraint, booster or baby capsule.

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CREP Report is it work the effort
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CREP Report 2015 – Maxi Cosi Seats Rated Unsafe

2015 CREP Report Released from NRMA

12 Baby car seats safety Tested

The 2015 CREP report from the NRMA; was released December 8 2015. The Crep testing, tested 12 new seats; and rated the seats based upon Protection and Ease of use. Surprisingly 2 seats achieved a single star (maxi cosi mico ap and Safety 1st sentinel II ), under the protection heading.

Some cheaper seats achieved better results than then more expensive seats. Proving you do not need to buy the most expensive seat, to get the best protection.

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Car Seat Fitting Cost
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What is a Car Seat Fitter

A Baby Car seat fitter (also called a child restraint fitting technician), does more than just install baby car seat into parents cars.  The Baby Car Seat professional will educate you on the law, and the standards.  The car seat fitter will also demonstrate, how to use the baby car seat and encourage you to experience the use of the restraint and address any problems you may experience.

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port melbourne carseat fitting
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Mobile Car seat fitting in Port Melbourne

Mobile Car seat fitter in Port Melbourne

Child seat fitting in Port Melbourne At, we understand that you are very busy and do not always have the time to fit in with the local baby shop in Port Melbourne, for when they may have a child restraint technician on-site. Furthermore, we take you through the whole operation of the child restrint, so that you will understand how to operate the child restraint, booster or baby capsule.

Child restraint fitting are your Mobile Car seat fitting experts in Port Melbourne

Mobile Accredited Car Seat Fitter

There many people who become accredited, but do not maintain their accreditation, or only perform a handful of installations per month. At Child restraint fitting we have installed over 2000 child restraints and are experienced in all types of child restraints, booster seats, baby capsules and convertible child restraints. We maintain our accreditation through the ACRI and continuously train with child restraint manufacturers, so we keep up to date with the latest child restraints. As a mobile restraint fitter we travel to you, whether that is at your home, office, or the local playgroup.

Installation Service in Port Melbourne

We fit your child restraint according to the best practices, and always educate you. on how your child restraint works. We go one step futher and explain all the typical issues you may encounter when using your child restraint / baby capsule and explain any issues that may be discussed on social media at the time. The appointment is not rushed and comes complete with an Installation certificate for residents in Port Melbourne

Car Seat Fitting Cost (for Port Melbourne)

The cost for our mobile child restraint installation service to Port Melbourne is only $50, regardless of whether we come to your home, office or maybe even a playgroup. Depending on the type of car and restraint being used there may be parts such as a gated buckle of tether extension required.

Two or More Baby car seat fittings in Port Melbourne

When you have 2 or more baby car seats to be fitted in Port Melbourne, we will do both car seat fittings for $80; this is the same cost as an a baby shop car seat fitting but at your home when you need the installation done. In most cases we only need 24-36 hours notice to be able to meet your needs and time schedule.

Note :Car seat fitting checks events are only possible through accredited playgroups and are scheduled events on specific days. Checking a installation not done by has the same cost as an installation ($50).

Car Seat Installation Port Melbourne
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Car Seat Installation now in Port Phillip

Car Seat Installation in now available from Child Restraint Fitting to include the area of Port Phillip; this is a widening of our service area

Baby Capsule Hire in St Kilda

Using a baby capsule /carrier is sometimes the easiest option, snap the capsule onto your pram, allowing grand parents to pick can up their grand children easily with an extra base in their car for emergencies.

Unfortunately the cost of a purchasing a baby capsule for such a short space of time is prohibitive; with many new baby capsules costing upward of $400, which does not include the cost of the baby capsule fitting in Melbourne.

Thankfully the cost of hiring a baby capsule is much cheaper and more cost effective, when your baby capsule is hire through child restraint fitting. Installation cost is free when you hire for more than 4 months.

Additionally we also have cost effective weekly rental options available for when you are unsure on how long you will need to hire the baby capsule.

read more about the baby capsule hire options here

Holiday Car seat Hire and Fitting – Albert Park

When you have friends coming from another state; you may need a hire a baby car seat for your friends and family; or maybe just a child restraint fitted in your car. The recommended car seat is either an Infa Quattro or a Infa Emerge extended harnessing seat. Both of these are preium seats which are easy to use and adjust. We can provide these seats; when you need them easily as a simple call to 0420 516 587 or make an online booking

Baby Car Seat Fitting Balaclava

When we talk baby car seat fitting; we are normally referring to rear facing baby capsules/ carriers and convertible child restraints. By law: in Australia; a child must be rear facing for at least six months; however many experts believe the 6 months rear facing is too short, and coined the phrase “Rear for a Year”.

In Australia; torso length height markers are used; so parents are aware when it is safe to turn their child forward facing. To further strengthen the rear facing argument; Australia introduced the A4 rear facing child restraint which has been tested to 30 months.

If you need your baby car-seat fitted in or around Balaclava; we ;will come to your home or office for the same cost as a shop fitting. ACRI Fitters take the time to explain how your baby car seat works; and allow you to ask any questions. In short we want to ensure you are comfortable when putting your child in the restraint for the first time.

Make a car seat Installation booking in Balaclava

CALL Just Call 0420 516 587 TODAY or Book your baby car-seat fitting in Balaclava online Today

Your baby arrived a little early and you did not get a chance to arrange the installation of your child restraint.

Don’t worry; The ACRI Accredited child restraint technicians are trained to handle this emergency and in many cases can come to the hospital to install the baby car-seat / baby capsule for you.

If you have forgotten to organise a convertible child restraint or capsule, we can help out in an emergency and organise a baby capsule hire. Just Call 0420 516 587 TODAY

Call 0420 516 587 to discuss our hospital emergency service
Prior to going into hospital, you will need to arrange your baby capsule or convertible child restraint and the fitting of the child restraint/ baby capsule should be done at least 4 week prior to the delivery.

Should you not manage to organise a car seat fitting prior to going to hospital, Our team can help organise both the emergency baby capsule hire and car seat fitting. We will bring the baby capsule to you and fit it in your car, just as easily as calling 0420 516 587.

Our hospital emergency hire and capsule package does not cut any corners and we spend just as much time explaining to your/ or your partner how it all works. We always recommend the use of a head snuggler and a rear mirror so that you can monitor your baby easy when travelling in the car. Just Call 0420 516 587 TODAY

The region that is the City of Port Phillip has a long history and a rich heritage, which starts with the First People of the Yalukit Wilum and the Kulin Nation, who have lived here for over 50,000 years. Since European settlers started to arrive in the mid 1830s the area has changed dramatically in appearance and character.

The City of Port Phillip was formed in 1994 under the municipal restructure by the then Jeff Kennett Liberal government. European settlement in each of these cities dates from the mid 19th century. Grand architecture and worker’s cottages, community organisations, arts organisations and cultural sites together with sporting groups and grounds are still present today.

The City of Port Phillip is bounded by White Reserve and Todd Road to the west, the West Gate Freeway, Kings Way and Dorcas Street to the north, St Kilda Road, High Street, Punt Road, Queens Way, Dandenong Road, Orrong Road, Inkerman Street, Hotham Street, Glen Huntly Road, St Kilda Street and Head Street generally to the east and the foreshore of Port Phillip to the south.

The Suburbs of Port phillip cover suburbs such as : Albert Park Balaclava, Elwood, Middle Park, Port Melbourn,e Ripponlea, St Kilda, St Kilda East, St Kilda West, Southbank, South Melbourne, South Wharf and Windsor.

Not forgetting – Beacon Cove, Garden City (Localities within Port Melbourne)

Being on Port Phillip Bay, the Council of Port Phillip have a number of very notable festivals these include

  • St Kilda Festival.
  • St Kilda Film Festival
  • Gay Pride March
  • St Kilda Writers Festival
  • Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix (Albert Park Reserve

By 2010 the City of Port Phillip had an estimated population of over 97,000.

A Car Seat installation service is more than just installing the car seat. It is educating the parents about the use and the dangers of the child restraint. All good child restraint technicians should allow you to experience using the child restraint as part of the service.

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Maxi Cosi New G Seat Coming Soon

Introducing the Maxi Cosi New G Seat

At the Adelaide Baby Show recently Maxi Cosi announced that they will be realeasing in June 2015 the Maxi Cosi new G seat. When parents look at the current Maxi Cosi Aura, they will be excused for believing that the Aura is a G type child restraint; that Maxi Cosi intended to release. However the Aura is only a B/E type seat meaning that you have to stop using the internal harness at approximately 4 years of age and then go to booster mode.

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Car Seat Fitting Cost
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Car seat Rules and what you need to know

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2014 During September 2014 the car seat rules the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1754 and the Australian Design rule ADR 34 relating to child restraints.

The basic rules relating to child restraints are:

  • Newborns and Babies must be in a rear facing capsule/ carrier or in a rear-facing convertible child restraint until they are at least 6 months old.
  • Children from From 6 months of age to 4 years(approx), can use either a rearward-facing or a forward-facing child restraint.
  • Toddlers from 4 years to 8 years (approx), use either a forward-facing child restraint (type A/B, or Type G or Type A/B/E) or, when they (Type A/B) have outgrown that, a booster seat(Type E). From 2010 all child restraints must have height markers and as the age range is based on the 2004 standard and are only the 50th percentile so some children may reach the marker earlier or later.

Height Markers

child restraint height markersEven though car seat law indicates that children can be forward facing from 6 months of age, the practicalities of this are that firstly children must reach the minimum height marker. If your child restraint does not have height markers please go into a baby store to check out if your child has reached the minimum height.

Secondly at 6 months of age your baby does not have enough strength in their neck / body to keep their body upright and prevent injuries.

This is why many parents are opting for child restraints that allow extended rear facing such as the INFA Kompressor. Similarly the next critical point is the change over to booster seats and it is very important that a child is not moved to booster mode pre-maturely as the sash part of the seat belt will not be in the correct position.

To overcome this issue, the G Type child restraint was introduced and allow children to be internally harnessed until they are 8 years of age. An Example of a G tyo child restraint is the Infa Evolve

Similarly the next critical point is the change over to booster seats. It is very important that a child is not moved to booster mode pre-maturely; as the sash part of the seat belt will not be in the correct position. A G type seat was introduced and allows children to be internally harnessed until they are 8 years of age. An Example of a G tyo child restraint is the Britax Maxi Guard

Top Tethers

car seat rules - top tether anchor pointsAll child restraints must use a Top Tether connected to a tested Anchor point. Most cars have achor points already installed but there are some cars such as the Great Wall Cars which have not been tested and as such should NOT be used with child restraints.

Car Seat Rules – Attachment mechanisms

The AS/NZS 1754 released in September 2014 introduced the Type G seat and ISOFIX. ISOFIX is just another attachment mechanism and is not any safer than the traditional seat belt installation method.

It is still possible to use a seat belt installation on an ISOFIX child restraint; however you should not use both isofix and the seat belt.

Australian approved ISOFIX carseats

car seat rules australian standard

The Australian Car seat rules; do not allow child restraints from Europe and other countries as these child restraints have not passed the Australian standards. Additionally all child restraints in Australia; MUST use the top tether strap to attach to an Certified and tested anchor point in the car. More information on Understanding ISOFIX.

After market isofix low anchorages

The Australian Law and car seat rules do not allow having aftermarket ISOFIX low anchorages fitted in your vehicle.

Car Seat Rules – ISOFIX and Booster seats

The car seat rules (Australian Standard AS/NZS 1754:2013 ); with regard to isofix and booster seats; state that child restraint manufacturers to produce ISOFIX compatible rearward and forward facing child restraints to 4 years of age.
More about isofix child restraints

Rock Hard ISOFIX Installation

Not all cars have ISOFIX attachments points; and even when the car does have an ISOFIX anchor point; the depth of the seat and the angle of the backrest, will impact the installation. The car seat rules state that should a car not have Isofix attachment points, seat belt installation should be possible.

There are some cars where the installation may feel rather loose compared to what a seat belt installation will achieve. The main concern should be whether the green ISOFIX indicators on the isofix connectors are fully green. If both indicators are fully green then the isofix has been tighten according to the legal requirements.

NOTE: it is an urban myth that child restraints must be installed ROCK HARD, it is best to have an installation a little bit softer than a rock hard installation

 child restraint fitting