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Family Day Care Car Seat Audit

The Safety of children is of the utmost importance especially in family day care (FDC) needing car seat audits to keep the children travelling safe at all times.

Family Day Care Car seat audits is a job; that should only be done by professional and experienced ACRI trained baby car seat fitters, not someone who has just purchased a franchise; and has installed less than a dozen baby car seats in a 2 day training course. Anthony the founder of child restraint fitting has installed over 16,000 car seats since 2012.

Anthony the founder of child restraint fitting and Travel Safe baby capsule hire, has installed over 16,000 baby car seats, so he knows all the approved baby car seats for Australia, how each seat works and what to look for when a baby car seat has been un-installed during the FDC car seat audit

The Family Day Care car seat audit starts by checking and verifying the number of seat belts and anchor points, ensuring they are all in good working order. Are all the baby car seats using the correct anchor points for its position within the car and are there any safety issues with the top tether; such as a fraying.

Understanding the age of the children at the Family Day Car Centre is vital during the FDC car seat Audit; ensuring the baby car seat harness is set at the correct height, the baby car seat is installed correctly (rear of forward facing) , and has a suitable locking clip been used for the installation.

Verify the Installation

During the FDC car seat audit, verifying the installation; is critical to ensuring the children at the family day care centre are kept safe. Has the correct seat belt path been used for the age of the child; has a locking clip been used to ensure stability of the installation.

Family Day Care Knowledge

The safety of the children at the family day care; do not solely rest on the the shoulders of the Family Day Care car seat audit; and the mobile car seat fitting expert; but the family day care centre educators and the staff at the family day care centre. The knowledge of the Family day care centre educator; is critical in ensuring the seats are maintained in excellent condition. Ensuring that should a child unclip a baby car seat; it is identified immediately. We also verify and ensure that the educator can make adjustments to the harness and re-install the car seats correctly should the need arise.

FDC car seat Audit Cost

The cost for the family day care centre seat audit; is just $60 for checking of up to 4 baby car seats. Should any of the seats need to be re-installed to ensure their safety then additional cost may be incurred.

Any parts that are required to ensure a safe installation; and safe use of the baby car seat, are charged at a small nominal rate. Where possible, locking clips which are easier to use will be provided; such as the lockie, safe grip clamp or the exactus clip, at an additional cost.


The Family day care centre car seat audit; is a task that should only be undertaken by an experienced mobile car seat fitter accredited by the ACRI; and not be an inexperienced franchise operator who perhaps only has less than 1000 car seats. Compare this to the experience of child restraint fitting with in excess of 16,000 installations since 2012.

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