nuna aace booster seat review

NOT RECOMMENDED – The Nuna Aace is just a booster using the adult lap sash seat belt. The cost is 20% more than the trusted Britax Hi-Liner; which we have been using for many years and the Nuna aace does not have a Anti Submarining clip to prevent your child from sliding under the lap section of the seat belt.

Nuna Aace Booster – Wide Seat

The width of the Nuna Aace is very wide at 50 to 56 cm, compared the the Britax Hi-liner width of 41cm. When you place the Nuna Aace in your car there is a very high chance the Booster seat will sit on top of the seat belt buckle; making it difficult to buckle the booster.

This problem is made even worse when there are contours with the cars seat; in a worst case scenario your child will be sitting at an angle.

3 Car seats across

The Nuna Aace booster seat cannot be used when you need to fit 3 carseats across the middle row. The Nuna aace is a very wide booster seat at 50 to 56 cm; meaning that it will not fit into the middle positionthe The width of the Nuna Aace booster seat, means that when in the middle position it will sit on at least 1 of the other seat belt buckles.

The arm rests on the Nuna aace mean that it will be difficult to connect the seat belt when place close to another seat. This is a complete fail….

IT is recommended that when you need a booster seat to fit with three car seats across, it is highly recommended to use the Kid Guard Pro

Expandable Wings

The purpose of the Nuna Aace Booster expandable wings is to allow children with wider shoulder fit into the booster seat more comfortable. The mechanism to make the wings wider; is by raising the head rest.

Lifting the headrest is easy initially ,and can be handled by most mums; yet when you need to lift the headrest and widen the wings, it becomes significanly harder and many will struggle with it.

Ventilated Shell

The Ventilated shell is an attempt at adding a feature to the booster seat; with no chance of it actually working. Unlike the Britax Bfirst; which is ventilated and has a chance of airflow through the seat; the Nuna Aace booster has ventilation holes with little possibility of airflow coming from under the seat or through the back.

Seat Belt Sash Guide

The effectiveness of a booster seat, is 100% reliant on the sash guide of the booster seat working. Should the seat belt slip out of the sash guide; the Booster seat will not be 100% effective. Fortunately on the Nuna aace Booster seat; there is a small lip on the sash guide to help keep the seat belt in place; unfortunately unless you know that it is there, you will miss this sash guide lock off.

Summary – Nuna Aace Booster Seat

Not Recommended – A extended harnessing seat is a better choice than a booster seat. There is less chance your child can escape out of a 6 point harness, extended harnessing seats have a better recline; especialling in dual cab utes. Considering the issue mentioned above, there is very little to recommend about the Nuna Aace booster seat, the width of the seat being the biggest issue. We recommend the Britax Maxi Guard .