nuna aace booster seat review
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Nuna AACE Booster review

NOT RECOMMENDED – The Nuna Aace is just a booster using the adult lap sash seat belt. The cost is 20% more than the trusted Britax Hi-Liner; which we have been using for many years and the Nuna aace does not have a Anti Submarining clip to prevent your child from sliding under the lap section of the seat belt.

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Best baby car seats-for grand children
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Best Baby car seats for Grand Children

The day has arrived; when you will be called Nana, Grandma or Poppy; but this will involve transporting your Grand-children. Here I explore the best baby car seats for grand children; and the benefits/ disadvantages of choosing that seat.

The best baby car seat for your grand children, will depend upon your lifestyle, frequency and budget. Do you drive your friends around, perhaps you play golf and need to fold down the back seats. Here we explore these issues and suggest possible car seat to handle these issues.

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Luxi by InfaSecure review
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Luxi by InfaSecure relevant in 2020?

Is the Luxi seat really relevant?

InfaSecure have been manufacturing the Luxi car seat or its equivalent for the past 16 years; since the 2004 standards (with the model CS40/41). However on reflection this design of car seat has little to no change in the design. Unfortunately in my opinion making this an outdated version of an an Australia original a weight based seat.

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Britax Bfirst car seat review
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Britax Bfirst Clicktight car seat safety review

We were lucky enough to be invited for the launch of the Britax Bfirst for an one on one with the Britax engineers to get an intimate look at the new B-First . With a list a features; that really puts anything else in the 0-4 space, outdated. Read why the Bfrist is the leading edge in baby car seats and why other companies will try to copy the first and the best.

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Infa Secure Convoy all in one carseat
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Infa Secure Convoy car seat review

Not Recommended – The Infa Secure Convoy car seat is an excellent budget baby car seat that incorporates side and head protection which is only found in top end seats. However the drawbacks outweigh the benefits and the difficultly in adjusting means we can no longer recommend the Infa Luxi and similiar seats.

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Infa Secure Carseats
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Infa Secure Carseats – Best or Worst ?

All Infa Secure Carseats come standard with a number of great features, features which other manufacturers can only dream of having and in some instances the features will never be incorporated into the design of their seats.

All these features boil down to making the seat easier to use for parents, grand-parents and carers. Unfortunately there are a number of drawback with Infa Secure carseats.

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tallest booster seat infa Visgae
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Infa Secure Visage Booster seat

Infa Secure Visage Convertible Booster

Not Recommended – The Infa Secure Visage convertible booster seat; is one of the tallest booster seat on the market, featuring a new crotch buckle (which has recently been recalled) helping to eliminate the harness clip popping out.

The Visage is not suitable for children of average width or wider. The Arm rests make it difficult to access the seat belt buckle and the anti submaring mean you do not get any peace and quiet from your uncomfortable children.

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maxi cosi rodi booster seat
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Maxi Cosi Rodi Booster Review


Not Recommended – The cost of the Maxi Cosi Rodi is a huge negative; considering the price of the Britax maxi guard is only marginally above that of the Rodi. Other issues such as the cable ties, the pinching hazard and the headrest coming completely out; mean there are better alternatives for the money.

The Maxi Cosi Rodi AP Booster Seat claims to be the Safest and most comfortable booster seat of the market. Consider for a moment that the Maxi Cosi Rodi is only a Booster seat and with an RRP of $259, making it the most expensive booster on the market.

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