Britax Bfirst car seat review

We were lucky enough to be invited for the launch of the Britax Bfirst for an one on one with the Britax engineers to get an intimate look at the new B-First . With a list a features; that really puts anything else in the 0-4 space, outdated. Read why the Bfrist is the leading edge in baby car seats and why other companies will try to copy the first and the best.

Britax Bfirst Features

  • Thermo5 with Spill Proctection
  • Clicktight Installation System
  • Advanced Side Impact cushion Technology (SICT)
  • Rearward Facing Level Indicator
  • Protective Shell
  • Ventilation Zones
  • Integrated Coloured Belt Paths
  • Improved Harness Adjuster
  • Hassle Free Harness
  • Flexi Infant Safety Cushion

Britax Click-tight system

WOW! the Clicktight  Installation System , will change forever the 0-4 installation for first time parents . A few quick and easy to follow steps makes for the most simple yet safest installation. Britax Bfirst initiative !

Many parents are aware of SICT, with the Britax Bfirst; Advanced side impact cushion technology is introduced. The new advanced SICT are located in both the torso and the head rest area; creating a safety crumple zone. These advanced safety features really impressed me. Another B-First for Australia

Easy Installation

The Rear facing level indicators of the Britax Bfirst are located on the side of the base. The rear facing level indicator makes the installation easier to understand; allowing mum/dad to get the best angle for the installation of the 0-4 car seat .

The Integrated coloured belt paths are easily visible and identifiable on the Bfirst; Therefore helping first time parents to achieve correct installation simply and easily. The large easy access seat belt paths openings are a welcome change, in comparison to other seat belt path by other manufacturers.

Drawbacks of Clicktight

For many years parents have been told that the installation of the seat should be rock hard. even when using the locking clip, this statement is incorrect. When the Seatbelt is tightened so that it is rock hard, there is very little elasticity left in the webbing, causing more energy to be transferred to the child.

The Clicktight system of the Britax Bfirst clicktight convertible carseat, causes tension on the seat belt in order for the seat, to be held firmly in place. When the installation is done by an inexperienced person or a parent who believes the seat should be rock hard, they will cause too much tension on the seatbelt, making it very difficult to un-install the car seat when it comes time to turn around.

This is a known problem with the clicktight system and as of yet there are no videos on how to resolve this issue, but should this happen britax customer service will walk the failies through the resolution of the issue.

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Keeping Baby Cool

As many parents are aware, many of Britax seats incorporate wicking fabric; in other words, it helps to keep your baby cool. Additionally the cleaning of the Britax Bfirst is much easier with the Thermo5 fabric with the option of Nanotex; which has been so successful  as a high performance fabric.

Ventilation zones, which I can’t believe have only just been introduced. Having had a baby that would appear to boil and become bright red while in his capsule. These will be a must, partiality for those living in warmer areas of Australia. I can see why they have called this seat the Britax B-First.

Improved harness adjuster, is less accessible to the occupant of the Britax Bfirst 0-4 car seat. With the recessed harness adjuster now sitting lower and more recessed.

Many parents will opt to a manual adjusted harness; however a hassle free harness, helps keep baby safer. Britax have always done this exceedingly well. With frontal access to the head adjustment .This seat will not disappoint.

Flexi infant safety cushion which has a EVA composite material providing support and comfort for small babies. The removable modular wings can be easily adjusted as your bundle of joy grows.

Britax Bfirst Summary

RECOMMENDED : The new Britax Bfirst clicktight is exactly what it claims to be, B-First on so many levels. I believe this is truly a huge step forward in car seat safety for Australia . The B-First from Britax puts other car seats manufacturers on notice. The safety features on the B-First seat far exceed anything that is currently available in Australia.