Infa Secure Convoy all in one carseat

Not Recommended – The Infa Secure Convoy car seat is an excellent budget baby car seat that incorporates side and head protection which is only found in top end seats. However the drawbacks outweigh the benefits and the difficultly in adjusting means we can no longer recommend the Infa Luxi and similiar seats.

Infa Secure Convoy 0-8 Car seat Summary

The Infa Secure convoy is an updated Luxi marketed for Toys R Us,(a 0 through to 8 years car seat). In Rear Facing mode; the Infa Convoy is an A2 rear facing seat meaning that it can keep an average child rear facing for up to 12 months.

In forward facing mode; it will keep a child harnessed till 4 years of age and then you can change to booster mode.

Infa Convoy suitability

The Infa Convoy is suited to families; who only want to purchase one car seat; and are looking for a car seat which is more than just a marketing message.

The number of recline positions is significantly more than those on offer by other brands especially in booster mode and will keep your child comfortable alloying them to sleep easier in the Infa Convoy car seat

Safety in a Budget Seat

Despite being a budget Seat; the Infa Secure Convoy has Air Cocoon Technology(ACT) which many other manufacturers only include in their top of the range baby car seats, paying a premium price. Infa Secure developed ACT. ACT is a process where air is injected into the shell; therefore creating a big air bag around your child protecting them.

3 in one Car seat

The Convoy is an A2 (approximately 12 months of age) rear facing seat, a B type Forward facing seat (from approximately 12 months of age to 4 years of age); and a booster seat (from approximately 4 years of age to at least 7 years of age).

The entire shell has ACT keeping your child protected with an adjustable headrest with also ACT (protecting your childs head).

Best Car seat for Babies needing a brace

The low sides of the Infa Secure Convoy mean that children with Hip dyspepsia and/or needing a hip brace will find the low sides of the Infa Secure Convoy very accommodating, allowing your child to e safely restrained while wearing the hip brace. When you already have your convertible car seat, you can hire a Hip dysplasia baby car seat from Travelsafe Baby Car seat hire.

Single Seat Belt Path

Like All Infa Secure Car seats; the Infa Secure Convoy has a single seat belt path for both rear facing and forward facing. The single seat belt path, eliminates confusion Often other manufacturers have a separate path for both rear and forward facing); consequently the Installation will be easier and the need for an ACRI fitter is not as great.

Built in Rebound Base

Infa Secure have designed their baby car seats to incorporate a rebound base, eliminating the need to pull out/ flip out a stabilising bar minimising the risk of an incorrect installation.

Drawbacks – Infa Luxi

The Infa Convoy, is difficult to adjust; firstly you need to move the headrest up to above the the next slot and then you need to manually adjust the harness slot to the next position. This two step process complicates the adjustment process leading to errors by carers. Over time experience has shown that many carers do not adjust the harness but put the harness over the sash guide. This is dangerous and a incorrect use of the seat and could result in injury. Additionally the headrest screw comes loose and it is no longer possible to tighten the headrest.

Summary – Infa Secure Convoy

Not Recommended – The Convoy is an excellent budget baby car seat; which includes both, side and head protection. These features are normally only included in top end seats. However the drawback outweigh the benefits and the difficultly in adjusting means we can no longer recommend the Infa Luxi and similiar seats.