mothers-choice emperor car seat

Mothers choice Emperor car seat Summary

NOT Recommended – There are too many issues with Mothers Choice Celestial car seat. The shell of the celestial is very small; you will turn your child around earlier than many other parents. The manual rethread means that in forward facing mode, the harness will be at the incorrect position, not securing your child a well as it should be.

In forward facing mode the most secure position is upright; this may cause head flop for your child. Lastly the possibility for incorrect installation forward facing is very high; due to two forward facing seat belt paths.

The Mothers Choice Emperor car seat is a newborn to 4 years (baby car seat). The Mothers Choice Emperor is using the same shell as many other Mothers Choice car seats such as

  • the Cherish,
  • the Mystique,
  • the Embrace
  • the Allure
  • the Avoro
  • and the Celestial

The Emperor is a A2/B baby car seat; meaning that it has been designed to be rear facing for approximately 12 months and then forward facing.

Limitations of the Mothers choice Emperor

Despite being labelled a 0 to 4 yo baby car seat; very few parents will get the full 4 years out of the car seat; with an average usage of between 2 and 2.5 years. The short usage is due to the small shell, the small head adjustment and lower height markers.

Top Tether Issue

A second limitation of the Mothers Choice Emperor is that in rear facing mode the buckle adjustment is at the back of the seat which makes it difficult to loosen and to tighten. Consequently parents will either over tighten the tether or it will get caught and twisted meaning many parents will leave the strap taut and try to put baby in over the tether strap causing parents to turn their child around earlier dues to the difficulty of use.

Forward Facing Installation

The Mothers Choice Emperor has two forward facing seat bet paths. How is a parent meant to know which seat belt path to use to provide the safest installation. When the seat belt path at the back of the seat is used then when you tighten the seat the restraint will rotate around the seat belt and move forward.

When the front seat belt path is used; the seat can rotate towards the roof unless the seat is made very upright, causing a younger child’s head to flop forward, in very few cases the recline angle can be used.

Small Shell and lower height markers

The last limitation of the Mothers choice Emperor is that you will not get the full 0 to 4 years out of the seat due to the smaller shell, many people claim that it is great for smaller cars but there are better, narrower and small car seats out there like the Graphene and the Quattro

Using the MCH Emperor

Rear Facing – The mothers choice emperor works well in rear facing mode with the installation being stable and secure and being able to loosen and tighten the harness easily. however unless your car has a high roof and low seats then placing your child in rear facing mode will e difficult (due to difficulty in loosening the tether strap).

Forward facing – due to the limitations mentioned above, I would class the car seat as a fail and cannot recommend this baby car seat in forward facing mode and would suggest to purchase a new extended rear facing convertible car seat to keep your child rear facing longer before going forward facing

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NOT Recommended – There are too many issues with this seat and the money you may save will be spent in purchasing a new seat as well you will be turning your child around sooner than many other parents.

The possibility of an incorrect installation is very high..