Joie curve car seat

Joie Curve car seat Summary

Not Recommended – The Joie Curve car seat; is not recommended; due to the high RRP and its limitations. You will not get much use out of the seat past 3 years of age & it will only keep your child rear facing for between 12 and 14 months of age.

Joie Curve Car Seat – First Impressions

Like the Infa Komressor;  the Joie Curve has a lever at the front to recline the baby car seat. Parents will notice that this car seat is only an A2 car seat which will only your child rear facing roughly 12 months of age. The R.R.P. of the seat is set at $549; therefore this is a high priced A2 car seat.

Hassle free harness

The Joie curve seat has a hassle free harness; however you need to loosen the harness; before you can adjust the harness height.

Joie Curve Recline Adjustment

The recline mechanism of the Joie curve is similar to the recline on Infa car seats,  but the Joie Curve only has 3 recline positions available , one for rear facing and two for forward facing.

Joie curve red-locking-clip

Forward facing lock off clip
The red lock off clip (similar to some Britax Car seats) on the side; helps keep the seat belt secure. The lock off clip; needs to be checked regularly; to ensure, it has not opened up; allowing the car-seat to become loose.

Shoulder height markers

The Joie Curve only has only two height markers. The first height marker is set to 34-35 cm; indicating a large 12 month old. The second height marker is set at 36 cm; meaning you will be lucky to get 3 years of use out of this seat.

Car seat Recommendation

Not Recommended – As a accredited fitter I cannot recommend the Joie Curve, due to the high RRP and limitations .