britax slim-line car seat

Summary Britax Slim line AHR

Recommended – When you are wanting an ISOFIX car seat that is easier to install then the Slim line ahr is the answer. <br>

Not Recommended – if you are looking for a seat belt installation or a narrow car seat to help fit three across then the slim line ahr is not any smaller than any previous compaq- the slimm line refers to the isofix not the overall width of the seat…

Slimm Line AHR Compaq Carseat Review

Britax have released another A4 child restraint, which is ISOFIX compatible allowing mums and dads to connect the seat to their ISOFIX points in their car.

Initial Impressions of the Britax Slimm line Compaq car seat are that it does not look very different from previous versions, it still has the “PUSH’ label sewn into the back of the seat, which i had hoped they would change.

Closer inspection shows the ISOFIX label on the sides and the padding seems to be more generous than previous Compaqs.

Recline Angle

When I placed the Slimm Line Compaq onto the back seat; the angle seemed to be much gentler than previous versions and did not need any padding underneath to get the desired 40-45 degrees.

ISOFIX Connection

Next we discover why the restraint is called the Slimm Line Compaq; and that is; the foot-print of the Compaq car seat is between the ISOFIX points, allowing parents to be able to activate the ISOFIX much easier than previously. I found it very easy to get 100% green indication and the tightness of the restraint was Very Good.

Upper tether

Anyone who has installed Safe n Sound car seats; will be aware that sometimes the upper tether can be on the short side, and in a lot of cases you will need a tether extension. In the version of the Britax Slimm Line compaq, the upper tether looked like it was about 5 cm longer as it reached the anchor point easily without any extension (On a 2015 toyota Kluger)

A huge positive for the Britax Slimm line Compaq, is that the upper tether buckle(tether adjuster) has been re-designed making it easier to loosen the upper tether when in rear facing mode. Like most child restraints the tether adjuster is designed when the Compaq carseat is installed on the passenger side of the car.

Harness Adjustment – Slimm Line Compaq

One major complaint I have with this version of the compaq, is the “PUSH” mechanism seems to be further back from the fabric, making it harder to raise or lower the harness, thankfully the blue lever is still on the seat and you can easily use that to raise or lower the harness.

Summary – Slimm Line AHR Compaq Carseat

Recommended This is a seat all those European ISOFIX lovers will adore, nice and easy ISOFIX installation which help parents who are doing it themselves with no hidden trick to get 100% green activation. The upper tether buckle was nice with only the harness PUSH mechanism detracting from it. IF you go to TARGET you can get the BRITAX QUICKFIX for around $329 (which is a great deal for an ISOFIX Seat)