Infa Secure Carseats

All Infa Secure Carseats come standard with a number of great features, features which other manufacturers can only dream of having and in some instances the features will never be incorporated into the design of their seats.

All these features boil down to making the seat easier to use for parents, grand-parents and carers. Unfortunately there are a number of drawback with Infa Secure carseats.

Air Cocoon Technology

Many parents do not realise that all INFA Secure car seats are blow molded which makes the child restraints inherently safer as they have air injected with the plastic. Squeeze an Infa Car seat today and listen to the air rush in and out of the seat, just like one big cocoon around your child. No add-ons, no upgrades and no extra cost, for much more safety.

Easy Recline Adjustment

Parents who have bought an Infa Secure Car seat; know the red lever underneath the seat, provides a number of different recline positions, hence allowing you to change the recline position, even after the restraint has been installed.

The red lever recline adjustment is a far easier (to use) mechanism to get the correct recline for your child; when compared to the two or three positions recline mechanisms of Britax or Maxi Cosi. There are currently two designs from Infa which do not have the easy recline, these include the Infa Secure evolve/emerge and the infa secure comfi.

Single Path baby car seat installation

Infa Secure are the pioneers of the single seat belt path installation, meaning that you do not need to find the seat belt path for rear facing / forward facing;.. it is the same pathway for the seat belt. This means there are less errors when installing the child restraint and hence it will be a safer seat.

Longer Tether Strap extension

Infa provide a longer upper tether extension; meaning that regardless of where your anchor point is; there is less chance you will need to purchase an additional tether extension in order to complete the installation of your INFA Secure Car seat.

In rear facing mode, the buckle for the upper tether can be moved to either side of the restraint for all rear facing child restraint so that you can easily loosen the upper tether to place you child in your Infa car seat.

Unlike other brands, Infa Secure allow you to position the buckle on either side of the restraint without needing to call in a authorised repair agent. This is an important consideration when you have a SUV, and you need a rear facing seat on the driver side. A downside of this is that when you have an integrated head rest, it is difficult to reach the anchor point.

One last aspect of the Infa Secure upper tether and buckle is that the position of the buckle can be moved so that it is on the side of the restraint rather then being behind the restraint like in the case of mothers choice car seats.

Designed in Australia

Infa Secure car seats are designed in Australia for Australia, and have not been designed for the European, American or Canadian market or had other parts.

Additionally no additional parts have added to infa secure seat in order to comply to our Australian car safety standards.Drawbacks


Harness Increment

The fact the shell of all Infa Secure seats uses blow molding, means there are limits as to how close the harness slots/positions can be. The increment of the harness slot is 40mm; whether the harness is manually adjusted (eg Kompressor) or a hassle free harness (eg Quattro or Grandeur) . Compare this to the Britax Increment of 15mm and the 40mm of Infa seats means the harness will be more secure on Britax car seats.

Centre Tether Strap

The Central tether strap for Forward facing car seats (type G); makes it difficult to install the car seat when head rest is integrated into the seat. When the Tether strap is placed over the top then it can slip over to the side and become loose. Moving the tether strap to the side is not the best solution either.

The Central strap for A/B car seats in forward facing mode, causes problems when you have integrated head rest. Many fitters split the tether to to go either side of the head rest and in a emergency this may come off .

A better solution is to have the tether strap on either side of the seat; like britax baby car seats.

All in One seat (Luxi)

The Infa Luxi all in one seat tries to do too much, the manual head rest adjustment causes problems in its use, some carers put the harness straps over the sash guide so they only have to adjust the head rest to adjust the harness height. This incorrect usage means that in an accident all the stress will be placed on the sash guide and not the shell of the car seat.

Secondly the screw of the headrest comes out after repeated use and makes adjusting the headrest; difficult or impossible; making the headrest almost of no use.


Although there are some great advantages to Infa Secure car seats, the drawbacks outweigh many of the benefits and there are only some car seat which can be used safely and easily by carers. The Infa Kompressor and the Infa Secure Quattro are the only seats recommended for carers.