Infa-Evolve Forward Facing

Introducing Infa Secure evolve car-seat

The Infa Secure evolve car seats is a G type child restraint; allowing your child to be harnessed from 6 months of age to 8 years of age.

Infa evolve features

The Evolve is easy to use with features such as the “Twist and Lift”. The Twist and Lift mechanism allows the internal harness to be adjusted without the need to un-install the child restraint.

Easy Adjust Harness

You do not need to loosen the harness before you lift the harness to the new position with the infa Secure Evolve

infa secure evolve internal-harness to 8 years age

The internal harness allows you to use the Infa Evolve to approximately 8 years of age.

infa secure evolve gradual-recline mechanism

The infa secure evolve offers a front recline mechanism. The front recline mechanism allows you to recline your child in gradual steps; keeping your child more comfortable.

ACT – Air Cocoon Technology

Infa Secure car seats are blow molded making them inherently safer as they have air injected into them. Squeeze an Infa Car-seat today, and listen to the air rushing in and out.

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infa secure evolve air-cocoon-tech

Air Cocoon Technology offers incredible protection for your child; including increased protection across the entire surface area of the restraint. The Evolve features a Dual Layer A.C.T. headrest.

Advantages of Infa Evolve

The most obvious advantage of the evolve is ACT in all the Infa Secure seats regardless of your budget. This is similar to SICT from Britax and G Cell from Maxi Cosi, which are only available in the premium seats.

The Evolve is a full G type seat, the markers are set to the maximum, unlike some other manufacturers which have lower markers.

The adjustable crotch buckle means that as your child is growing, you can adjust the length of the crotch buckle so that it does not pull against your child.

The Infa Secure range of seats have a single seat belt path making it easier for parents who want to install the seat by themselves. The supplied SafeGrip Clamp has been tested in the crash lab and it is easy to use, making the installation simple for parents.

Drawback of Infa Evolve

The infa evolve has an infinite recline, via a dial on the front of the seat, unlike other seats which have a definite upright and recline position. The recline mechanism does not work, to provide a recline unless the seat of the car has a recline, so some parents may feel the seat is too upright.

Tensioning of the harness must be done in short bursts; other G type seats, such as the maxi guard can be done in one effort. When the parent/Grand parent has tennis elbow/ tendinitis; the evolve is difficult to tighten. In comparison the maxi guard can be tighten using the weight of the carer to tighten the harness.

Infa Secure Evolve videos

What else is there to consider the Infa evolve is now available to purchase in Melbourne, Hobart and right across Australia from all good baby stores.

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