Nuna RAva Car Seat Review

Summary Not Recommended. The Nuna Rava car seat; can not be recommended; due to a number of concerns. The main being that it looks almost identical to the Joie Itravel convertible car seat; which was recalled back in March 2020; additionally the isofix system is very clunky and does not tighten.


The Nuna Rava; like the Joie iTravel is a convertible car seat; which is designed for babies from birth through to 4 years of age. The Rava is an extended rear facing seat which can keep an average child rear facing up till 30 months of age.

New born suitability

As a convertible car seat the Rava can be used as a rear facing seat for your newborn child, however many parents find that even with the insert, there is still alot of room; coupled with the fact you wake you child each and every time you take them in and out of the car. This is not a problem when you hire a baby capsule in melbourne from Travel Safe. It is recommended to hire the Maxi Cosi Mico Limited edition capsule for only $160 for 6 momths or the Maxi Cosi Mico Plus capsule for only $180 for 6 momths.

Nuna Rava Car seat Installation

The Rava come with flexible isofix attachment system; which is an improvement on the rigid isofix system which Nuna have incorporated into their Klik and Turtle capsules; as well as the ability to install with the traditional seat belt installation.

The Isofix connectorson the Nuna Rava are just dangling wrapped in foam; inviting you to use the isofix connectors as the installation method. Unfortunately like the Rigid isofix on the capsule; the buckle of the flexible isofix connectors sit level with the seating area; resulting in a moderate tensioning (not as good as seat belt).

When the padding is removed; installation with the seat belt is easier ; however tucking away the isofix connectors is harder the the actual installation.

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Top Tether

Like the Joie iTravel convertible car seat; the Nuna Rava car seat has the tether strap attached at the top of the seat. The positioning of the top tether at the top of the seat causes the tether strap buckle to be upside down; exactly like the Joie iTravel (which was recalled). This positioning make it difficult to loosen off the tether strap when putting your child into the rear facing carseat.

Rebound Bar

The Nuna Rava, like many other car seats (copied from the Infa Secure range of seats) has a rebound base with an adjustable base. First impression is that; the rebound base sits very low on the seat and does not have a positive contact with the cars seat.

Shoulder Height Markers

The extended rear facing height marker on the Nuna Rava seems to be somewhat much higher than the normal 30 month shoulder height markers on the Britax range of seats and the infa secure range of rear facing car seat.

Nuna Rava Summary

NOT RECOMMENDED – The Nuna Rava cannot be recommended as your first car seat; there are issues with the Isofix installation, positioning of the top tether; makes the use of the tether difficult, and with a retail price similar to the the Graphene and Millenia. With both of these seats the isofix is easier to use and using the top tether is easier. See our Nuna Aace Booster review.