maxi cosi goliath review
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Maxi Cosi Goliath review

Maxi Cosi Goliath Summary

Updated June 2015

No Longer Recommended Early in 2015 Maxi Cosi made the decision to not continue the maxi cosi goliath and replaced it with the maxi cosi aura (also not recommended). One of the main reason for not recommending the Goliath any long is that there are safer seats available such as the G type seats of the Infa Evolve or the Britax Maxi Guard. The G seat keeps a child internally harnessed until they reach the average height of an 8 year old. Booster seats on the other hand are not as safe as a G type seats due to the fact a parent may move a child into booster mode too early.

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Maxi Cosi Aura Review

Summary – Maxi Cosi Aura Carseat

NOT RECOMMENDED – The Maxi Cosi Aura cannot be recommended due to a number of issues, relating to potential misuse and the fact that it is a booster seat after 4 year of age; there are better seats out there such as the Britax Maxi Guard or the Infa Evolve.

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britax hi-liner booste seat
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Review Britax Hi Liner – Booster Seat

Summary – Britax Hi Liner

NOT RECOMMENDED….. update 2016… The Britax Hiliner has not changed in many years and is a very wide booster seat, with the addition of the anti submarining clip. Britax have released the Kid Guard which is a Booster seat without the armrests allowing easier access to the seat belt buckle. Similarly Infa Secure have the vario which offers more protection (due to the ACT) than the Hiliner and it is narrower than the Hiliner.

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luxi Vogue all in one car seat
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Infa Secure Luxi Vogue Review

Summary Infa Luxi Vogue

RECOMMENDED.. Update 2016.. The Infa Secure Luxi Vogue is the only seat that you will need, designed for newborn to 8 years of age. Other manufacturers do not offer such a seat and the best you will get is a forward facing seat that will take your child from 12 months through to 8 years of age. The Luxi like all Infa Secure seats, offers full side body protection and additional hear protection, features the other brands only offer in their premium models.

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