maxi cosi euro-nxt recall carseat

Summary Maxi Cosi Euro NXT

Not Recommended – The Euro NXT is the original Euro but with lower height markers, meaning your child will only last until is approximately 3 years of age.

EURO Nxt – Lower Height Markers

Maxi Cosi a2 Vs A4 Hera height markers
The shell of the Maxi Cosi car seat, stayed the same, with the top marker was moving down 13.5 cm(from the top of the restraint_.

Higher RRP

The RRP of the Maxi Cosi Euro NXT is closer to the RRP of Britax; making the EURO NXT close to $100 more expensive.

Harness straps

The shoulder straps are Velcro to the cover making it harder to loosen and tighten the harness. Maxi Cosi have now removed the Velcro from the cover; so that the shoulder pads are no longer attached to the car seat cover. This is how it should have been to begin with.

Forward facing blanket is now a Bonus

The original Maxi Cosi Euro, included a bag, which contained a messy mat as well as a blanket for when the child is forward facing. However since the recall the Forward facing blanket is no longer included, and you now need to register to receive the blanket.

G Cell Side Protection

The GCELL side impact energy absorbing protection is said to be the next generation, crash-absorbing technology, providing a crumple zone for enhanced side full body protection.

Very little information is available to demonstrate how this is meant to work except that it is taken from nature ?

How much safer the GCELL makes the child restraint.

Redesigned cover for the Maxi Cosi Recall

The Maxi Cosi EURO cover has been redesigned so that there is no longer any possibility of the cover catching under the release button. This is how the Euro, should have been designed from the very beginning. An better alternative is the Britax Millenia SICT


The Euro Next Car seat has both isofix and seat belt installation. The Isofix Installation does not work very well as the tensioning buckle is very large, the tensioning direction makes it difficult and the stabilising bar is some distance from the cars seat. The last issue mentioned, means that there is more rebound under emergency braking conditions. The installation of the car seat using the seat belt method only has issues with the rebound bar; howevr it is recommended that a Certified Fitter, install the baby car seat.

Euro NXT Summary

Not Recommended – If I were a parent; and had an impacted Maxi Cosi EURO from the recall; I would simply replace it with another manufacturers child restraint. The benefits of the EURO NXT are minimal and the RRP is almost the same as Britax which is mostly made in Australia(At the time of writing).