Car Seat Fitting Cost

A Baby Car seat fitter (also called a child restraint fitting technician), does more than just install baby car seat into parents cars.  The Baby Car Seat professional; will educate you on the law, and the standards.  The car seat fitter will also demonstrate, how to use the baby car seat and encourage you to experience the use of the restraint and address any problems you may experience.

An Accredited baby seat installer understands through their experience and being a member of the ACRI; what is the best for the installation of current car seats. Does your car have any safety issues (inflatable seat belts, anchor points which have not been tested etc) which impact the installation of the child restraint.

Car Seat Standards

An Accredited Car seat fitter understands the current and past standards and how they apply to the current batch of child restraints allowing the fitter to make recommendations as to what car seat to consider next when your child out grows their correct child restraint. Use the knowledge of the car seat fitter as he can help shorten your investigation time for your next car seat

Child Restraint Laws

A baby car seat installer understands what the law is; with respect to babies and children travelling in cars, They have the experience to know what the laws are within your state, and how they will apply to your children.

Many Parents do a lot of research into every aspect of your child’s life, read reviews about the products and decide on the brands. Yet despite all this research; many parents, still try to go it alone when selecting a baby car seat and installing the baby car seat.

Why buy when you can hire

Many parents are not awate that it is possible to hire baby capsules in melbourne as well as short term car seat hire. The benefits of capsule hire and car seat hire, are that; the capsule and car seat are installed by a professional acri car seat fitter, meaning that you will be able to keep your child safer.

Call in a Professional Car Seat installer to help make your day easier and helping you and your children Travel Safe