Infa-secure grandeur Safest Car seat

The Infa Secure Grandeur car seat, the first G car seat with A4 extended rear facing with treo active fabric. This is the only car seat that will go from birth through to 8 years of age. This car seat combines the best of many car seats such as extended rear facing and extended harnessing.

Going live; The Infa Secure live event revealed the next stage in car seat safety with the introduction of an A4 extended rear facing car seat and extended harnessing seat .

The great news is that the Infa grandeur car seat is only 44 cm wide at its widest point meaning that it is the same width as other compact car seats but with the advantage that it is a true new born to 8 years of age child restraint, with extended rear facing.

Just like the Infa Quattro car seat and the Infa Evolve; the Infa Grandeur car seat has a hassle free harness which uses the Infa TWIST and LIFT technology.

The new Infa Secure Grandeur; is designed; to be slimmer than the Luxi. The slimmer design means, getting your child into the car seat will become a lot easier.

The Infa team have seen the problems with the tether strap and realised that toddlers play with the tether so Infa created the tether zone. The tether zone is double stitched; to prevent children from playing with the tether

New Features of Infa Secure Grandeur

Some of the new features include:

  • Active fabric
  • Twist and list easy adjust harness
  • Extended rear Facing (A4)
  • Extended harnessing (type G seat)

Hassle Free Harness

infa-secure Quattro-Treo carseat-greenThe Infa Secure Grandeur car seat like infa Evolve is much easier to use than many other child restraints on the market with features such as the “Twist and Lift” mechanism. “Twist and Lift” allows the internal harness to be adjusted without the need to un-install the child restraint to adjust the harness height and no re-threading of the harness. “Twist and Lift” is just single handed twist and lift and you are set for the new harness position.

Infa secure Grandeur cool Fabric

Infa have also introduced a new hard wearing, cool and breathable active fabric which helps to keep you child cooler. This works by drawing moisture away from the babies skin.

Easy to clean

The fabircs on the Infa Grandeur are easy to remove without un-installing the car seat. Start by lifting the head rest up high and remove the fabric from the headrest. Next lower the head rest to remove the remaining main cover. To put the covers back on follow the same process.

Extended rear facing baby car seat

The extended rear facing child restraint; is designed; to rear face though to a 30 month old. Extended rear facing car seats have two rear facing shoulder height markers. The first shoulder height marker; indicates the minimum height; before turning around. The second shoulder height marker; indicates the maximum height; in rear facing mode .

Unsure about installing the Infa Grandeur Contact Mobile Baby car seat Installation on 0420 516 587


Despite many of the great features of the Infa Grandeur; there are some problems . These problems include the harness increments of 40mm. The 40 mm adjustment on the harness; mean that it is not a tight fit like the britax range of car seats.

The Tether strap otiginates in the middle, making the attachment of the top tether difficult when there is an integrated headrest such as holden commodore / volvo xc60 etc.

The last major issue with the grandeur; is that when a parent turns their child around too early (or just on the minimum shoulder height marker for turn around); the harness will be very loose and you will need to put the newborn insert back in.