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Becoming a parent is a daunting life stage, with many new concepts to understand. Questions such as which nursery furniture is best for a our new lifestyle, what is safest baby seat and do I need to use a Accredited Baby Seat installer or can we install the baby seat ourselves?

Child safety in cars is a complex area which many parents and even industry experts find difficult to keep up with. The only true way be be certain that you have the correct information is to contact an Accredited (ACRI) Baby Seat Installer.

An ACRI Accredited baby seat installer understands what the law is with respect to babies and children travelling in cars,

Child restraint Laws

An ACRI Accredited baby seat installer understands what the law is with respect to babies and children travelling in cars, They have the experience to know what the laws are within your state and how they will apply to your children.

In many cases the law can be confusing in that it may say that child should be rear facing until they are 6 months of age. However from a practicality perspective; a child of 6 months does not have the strength to site upright and hold the body tense in the event of sudden braking. An Accredited Child Restraint Fitter understands this and will explain the issues with respect to your child.

Booster seat - 5 step testA similar issue may happen when a child is approaching the average age for moving into using an adult seatbelt. The law may specify that the child needs to be 7 years of age but if the child is very small then they may be 8 or 9 years of age before the child will be ready to use an adult seat belt. Use the 5 Step test to determine if your child is ready for an adult seat belt.

Don’t Risk your child’s safety to a Mechanic or and Apprentice only Use ACRI Accredited Fitters

Car Seat standards

Every couple of years; the Australia Standards change (dates include 2004, 2010 and 2013). A Professional acri fitter; understands the implication for parents and new baby car seats is critical to travelling safe with your child.

An Accredited Car seat fitter, understands the current and past standards. A Professional Car seat fitter understands; how they apply to the current batch of child restraints.

Acri Fitters can and make recommendations; as to what car seat to consider next, when your child out grows their correct child restraint.

Best Practices

An ACRI Accredited Baby Seat Installer understands; what is the best for the installation of current car seats.  Does your car have any safety issues ;eg (inflatable seat belts, anchor points which have not been tested etc which impact the installation of the child restraint.

Summary ONLY USE ACRI Professional Fitters

accredited baby seat fitterAn Accredited baby seat installer, does more than just install your child restraint; he/she will educate you on the law, and the standards. An Accredited baby seat installer will demonstrate, how to use the baby car seat and will encourage you to experience the use of the restraint and address any problems you may experience. Call your ACRI Accredited Baby Seat Installer Today (0420 516 587)