Infa Secure belmont review

Neutral Recommendation – The infa Secure Belmont sits low on the cars seat reducing rotational forces on the child restraint. The new simplified recline mechanism seems like a good idea buts has issues as outlined below. The new improved single seat belt path allows for easier re-threading but the rear facing lock off; hinders installation.

Infa Secure Belmont Simplified Recline

The recline mechanism which most parents will be familiar with; is the wedge plus red recline lever which has at least 9 different recline positions. The wedge is designed to take into account the different depth of most car seats; the red lever then provided the assitional recline needed to obtain the optimal angle for your childs safety.

Unfortunately many parents got either the wedge flip incorrect or they were not aware of the red recline lever under the seat. This led to many children sitting upright in rear facing mode.

Additionally the wedge was too wide to fit into the middle position of many suvs and many other car makes. The width needed to fit into the middle of many suvs is 28 cm. This width is perfect for many of the britax b aby car seats, including the britax maxi guard; which has a pedestal width of 26 cm.

The smilified recline of the Infa Secure Belmont is surprising similiar to the recline mechanism of the britax maxi guard and britax maxi rider. Unfortunately th recline mechanism is difficult to release to change positions from out of the box to recline and from rear facing to forward facing.

Rear facing Installation

The rear facing installation for the infa secure belmont; means you need to get the simplified recline into the correct rear facing recline position. The rear facing slide guard. Even though the rear facing seat belt guard keeps the seat belt in the correct position; it does not lock the tension on the seat belt; and hinders adjustment of the seat belt to get the correct tension.

This problem arises, as infa secure have not included; a red safe grip clamp with the belmont. When the safe grip clamp is provided; then the rear facing and forward facing installation is easier than isofix. This is a cost saving measure by infa secure; to save jsut a few dollars. Unfortunately without the safe grip clamp; the installation is much harder for the mum and dad who cannot afford a mobile car seat installation.

Split Tether

The Infa Secure Belmont (like all rear facing infa seats) has a centre position split tether. The Centre split tether means,the Belmont can be placed om the drivers side in rear facing mode; without having to resort to modifying the tether like on the britax baby car seats.

Unfortunately the centre position split tether, means that when you have an integrated headrest; you need teither go over the top or split the tether around the head rest. Neither solution is ideal; in reality, the correct solution is to have a tether strap on the outside of the seat (like britax).

Summary Infa Secure Belmont