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Accredited Car Seat Installation is a complex area; which many parents and even industry experts find difficult to keep up with. The only true way to be certain that you have the correct information is to contact an ACRI Accredited Car Seat Installation and fitter.

Many Parents see the installation of their car seat as just another expense and do not fully understand the service which is being offered by an Accredited baby car seat installer.

Fact – Car Seat Installation is only a small part of the service offered by the accredited baby seat fitter.

Fitting three child restraints across the back seat

The biggest issues for many parents in Melbourne is;  How can I fit three child restraints across the back seat. Solving this issue is complex; taking into account the width of each and every child restraint, the width of the back seat and is the seat contoured and have side wings.

Issues Compounding fitting 3 across

  • Are the seats contoured
  • Where are the anchor points
  • does the seat belt buckle compound the problem of fitting three car seats across the back

The team at Child Restraint Fitting in Melbourne are the experts; at fitting 3 car seats in a car.

Fitting three across the back seat is a problem an accredited car seat installer can usually resolve in less than 30 minutes helping to reduce your stress and in many cases eliminating the need top purchase a new car.

Studies done by Monash Research Centre have shown that over than 70% of child seats are not correctly secured.  It is  vital to call an expert for your baby car seat installation in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. An ACRI-accredited professionals will get the job done right.

Call us today for professional baby car seat installation in Melbourne.

Best Practices – Accredited Car Seat Installation

Baby car seat safety-check list

Professional baby seat installers understand through their experience and being a member of the ACRI; what is the best for the installation of your car seat.

Does your car have any safety issues (inflatable seat belts, anchor points which have not been tested etc) which impact the installation of the child restraint.

Car Seat standards

Licensed Car seat fitters understand current and past car seat australian standards, and how they apply to the current batch of child restraints. An Licensed Car seat fitter can help make recommendations as to what your next car seat should be.


An Accredited baby seat installer, does more than just install your child restraint;  he/she will educate you on the law, the standards, and demonstrate how to use your baby car seat. Call your Accredited Baby Seat Installer in Melbourne Today on 0420 516 587