Infa Luxi grange all in one car seat

Infa Secure Grange child restraint Review

The Infa Luxi Grange Child restraint features a brand new design including a narrow and smaller footprint. The new design makes access to the vehicle seat belt buckle easier, allowing for better placement on contoured vehicle seats. In conjunction with a new single belt path for all three modes, installation is quick and simple.

The Infa Luxi Grange is a completely redesigned, premium 0 to 8 years of age, child restraint and booster seat (A1/B/E Type child restraint).

The Infa Luxi Grange incorporates a blow molded, air-filled adjustable headrest, five shoulder slot heights, and nine recline positions. These features help to ensure your child is able to be fitted correctly and will be seated comfortably.

Infa Luxi Grange drawbacks

The Infa Secure Luxi incorporates a manually adjusted head rest; which needs to be moved up as the child grows. Unfortunately to adjust the head protection, the user must fully loosen the knob at the back and pull the headrest forward to dis-engage the headrest. Once adjusted, you must re-tighten the knob at the back. Many parents are not even aware that they can move the headrest, causing the parents to leave headrest in the newborn position.

Until recently the Infa Luxi was only an A1 (up tp 6 months of age) rear facing child restraint. The Infa Luxi is now an A2 child restraint which mean that you can now keep your child rear facing for up to 12-14 months, before you need to turn the seat forward facing.

The Infa Luxi is a fairly wide seat and may have impacts on the how many people can sit in the second row, depending if the car has contoured seats.

Advantages of Infa Luxi

Infa Secure are the only manufacturer to create a baby seat from newborn through to 8 years of age. This all in one design means you only ever need to purchase one seat. Do not get confused by seats that claim they are 6 months to 8 years of age as these are only forward facing seats.

The Infa Secure Luxi is the seat of choice for parents whose children have hip dysplasia; due to the low sides on the Luxi. The low sides of the Infa Luxi allow a hip brace to be used easily.

By design the front of the seat is higher than the back of the seat, helping to prevent your child from sliding forward under emergency braking conditions

Lastly the Infa Luxi comes with its own safe grip clamp, which makes it easier for install the Infa secure Luxi both rear facings and forward facing. Additionally it locks the laps section in booster mode

Infa Secure Luxi Configurations

The Infa Secure Luxi Grange has 3 different configurations

  1. Rear facing for infants (approx. birth to 6 months),
  2. forward facing with harness for younger children (approx. 6 months to 4 years), and
  3. booster seat mode for older children (approx. 4 years to 8 years).