Baby Capsule

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The Baby capsule (sometimes referred to as a baby carrier) allows mum and dad to carry their precious bundle of joy around with them, this is alot more convenient than using a bassinet to carry a child around.

Several advantages of the Baby carrier / capsule is that it fits onto a base which is secured either by isofix connections otthe standard australian seat belt connections which secures the base to the back seat of a car.

When you place the capsule into the base, normally a very loud click which is heard. Once the base is locked into place the parents then have top attach the upper tether strap around the baby capsule, so as to prevent forward movement in case of emergency braking or being hit from behind. All this assumes the child is fully harnessed with the 6 point harness secured and tightened.

As a child grows the harness height needs to be adjusted, this is done by removing the capsule from the base turning the capsule over, then undoing the swivel buckle and rethreaded to the new position.

Most baby carriers have a height and weight limit (approximately 9kg), once your child exceeds one of these limitations then the child should then be moved (normally) to a convertible rear facing child restraint.

Advantages of Baby capsules

Your child will normally outgrow a baby capsule at around five months of age, however baby capsules have several advantages over a convertible child restraint.

  1. Use of an additional base in the grand parents car allows your grand parents to pick up the child without having to buy a seperate seat for their car
  2. You can take you child with you more easily and click the baby carrier to your pram (using special adapters) making it easier to get your daily tasks done without disturbing the sleep of your child.

A disadvantage is the cost and the fact they will usually outgrow a capsule at around 5 months of age. However if you hire from either a baby shop or council then the cost is very minimal..