Child Restraint Fitters & Installers

Professional Child Restraint Fitters

The Child Restraint Fitters, we use are ACRI Trained, and Accredited and are current members of the ACRI, ensuring that their knowledge is up to date with the latest standards and best practices. As Accredited ACRI Professional Child restraint Fitters; we ensure that you understand how to use your Child restraint / Booster seat correctly as well as the typical problems you may encounter, plus helpful tips and hints only a professional child restraint installer knows.

As Professional ACRI child Restraint Fitters, we maintain our accreditation through continual training and auditing by the ACRI as well as providing a certificate of Installation on completion.

ONLY EVER TRUST ACRI CHILD RESTRAINT FITTERS to install your child restraint for your child.

Before you get your Child Restraint Fitted ask if they are Individual ACRI Professional members and their licence Number.

Child restraint fiting Questions

Please check out our FAQ page, to get answers to your questions; such as How long does it take to install a baby car seat, Is Isofix safer than seat belt installation, what is your Service area and many more questions answered

Opening Hours

We are open …….

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday – Limited Availability

Sunday – Closed


Monday to Friday – $45 – Single Seat, $45/seat –  Two  or more seats

NOTE – Cost does not include additional parts such as tether extension, etc to ensure a more secure fitting

Child seat Fitter Service In Melbourne

We provide a safe and reliable mobile baby car seat installation service for infants, toddlers and children of all ages right across the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, (including South Melbourne, Hawthorn, Richmond, Camberwell, Box Hill and Glen Waverley), Melbourne Bayside from Port Melbourne to Frankston, coming to your home, office, and selected hospital in south east Melbourne or wherever it is easiest for you.

The team at Child Restraint Fitting are more than just Child Restraint Fitters, we explain to you, how to safely use the child restraint and the types of problems you may experience. All this take more than the 15-20 minutes allocated by some larger baby stores.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0420 516 597 or using the email address or Contact child restraint fitting available on this website.

A Child Restraint Installer is someone who has completed the ACRI baby car seat fitting course in Melbourne and in person (not online) and is a current financial member of the ACRI (Australian Child Restraint Initiative).

However what many parents do not realise is that; just like a doctor, dentist or lawyer you may have passed the exams but you still need to do a internship to gain the experience to install a car seat correctly; and to understand the issues, parents face when unsing convertible car seats/ baby capsules.

For a Child restraint installer, this takes an average of at least 400 installations before the car seat professional; understands the issues at hand;and can safely take a parent through the necessary steps to using the baby car seat and can fully explain about height markers.

These 400 car seat installations should be across a variety of cars, suv’s and hatchback cars as well as all of the car seat brands and car seat types. Any less, then the experience level is not sufficient.

The fitter needs to be a current member of the ACRI so that they are kept up to date with the latest issues with regards to car seats/ child restraints. It is not sufficint to have VACC or RACV membership; as the training is not continually updated by the manufacturers and I have even seen instances where some member were not even aware that ISOFIX had been introduced (1 year after the release of the new standards) and were telling the parents that the seat they have just bought was illegal in Australia.

Other instances of poor car seat knowledge were multiple customers being told that they did not have an anchor point and they did not have isofix. In all instances I were able to point out to the customer where the anchor point was and where the isofix lower attachments were.

Next time someone says they are a professional Child Restraint installer, Ask them

  • Are you an ACRI member,
  • What is your Child Restraint Fitter licence number, and
  • how many child restraints have you installed.

If they fail either of these criteria look for another professional Child restraint installer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0420 516 587 or using the email address or Contact child restraint fitting available on this website.

Child Restraint Installers summary

Unfortunately there are a lot of cowboys out there who are just mechanics or want to make a quick buck, Make sure any Child restraint Installer that you use is ACRI trained, is a current member and they have their licence number of the ACRI certificate of installation. When the Installer does not meet these basic requirements then ask for a refund or just walk away.