Problems Infa Secure emerge

The problem with Infa Secure Emerge are many and not just confined to the recline angle. The Emerge is a Type G child restraint, which mean that your child will be harnessed in a forward facing child restraint until they are 8 years of age.

Problem with Infa Secure emerge

Recline angle / head flop

The first problem of Infa Secure Emerge is the recline mechanism; which can be adjusted by turning a knob of the front of the child restraint. The purpose of the recline mechanism is to help children sleep while they are restrained and hence prevent head flop.

However the actual recline angle is more controlled by the depth of the seat and the recline angle of the back of the seat; as the seat belt path is in the base of the seat; so that when the seat belt is tightened, the restraint is pulled into the seat and conforms to the depth of the seat and the angle of the back seat.

Short tensioning strap

The second problem with Infa Secure emerge; you notice that your tensioning strap is rather short please call the infa secure customer service team on Phone 1300 92 4632. This is only an issue on the first batch of the child restraints; as the second batch has a longer tensioning strap.

Difficultly in tightening the Harness

A third problem with Infa Secure emerge is that the tensioning strap is difficult to tighten. This is a common issue with many child restraints and it is generally related to the path of the harness being under tension.

To minimise the issue; take the following corrective actions

  • pull the tensioning strap in short pulls,
  • pull the strap horizontally,
  • grab the harness straps and push upwards to minimise the tension in the harness

Loose Harness

A final problem with Infa Secure Emerge is the harness increment. The Increment step on the infa secure emerge is 40mm; causing your child shoulder to be at least 20mm away from where the harness. The result of this problem; your child will not be held as securely compared to britax car seat (increment of 15mm) . Additionally there is a chance; your child may be able to remove their arms more easily.


Provided your Infa Secure Emerge has the red safe grip clamp included; the installation is very straight forward. It is recommended to get an Professional Fitter to install the toddler car seat by calling 0420 516 587, when the Safe Grip clamp has not been included;

Problem Infa Secure Emerge Summary

Not Recommended : Not every car seat is going to have the perfect set of features and benefits. Having said this, if you are turning yoour child around early or your child is the lower percentile for height; I would avoid the emaerg and go for the Maxi Guard.