Infa Kompressor 2 Isofix Car Seat

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Infa Kompressor 2 Isofix Car Seat

Great news the Infa Kompressor II Luxury is being released to the public as of 13 November, the public was informed on Facebook today... and the Latest addition to the Infa Secure Rank of child restraints is a ISOFIX compatible car-seat.

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The Kompressor II is fully redesigned to take into account the ISOFIX connectors and the fact that the isofix connectors are 28 cm apart, with the base near the connectors only 27 cm, meaning you can connect the isofix connectors much easier. Infa Secure have opted for the Flexible Isofix solution meaning that less energy is transferred to the child restraint due to the webbing between the isofix connectors in case of an accident.

However it is not just new shiny ISOFIX Connectors for this great Infa Kompressor Child restraint, it also has a new shell design with new side wings and a taller backrest that together work to give better side impact protection to your child without impacting on the Kompressor’s in-demand narrow design. The Kompressor is still a very compact rear facing child restraint making it ideal for even the smallest of cars .

Infa Kompressor isofix LuxuryEvery single ISOFIX child restraint I have seen has used a push button release mechanism similar to a normal seat belt, the Infa Secure on the other hand has a cleverly designed pull-loop release to make removing the ISOFIX connectors much easier when required. This unique feature is complimented by a hidden compartment inside the base of the seat so as to store the ISOFIX connector.

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Last but not least is the infant head rest and pillow has also been redesigned providing superior support for newborns.

Kompressor II LuxuryOne drawback is the fact that Infa Secure still do not have an easy adjustment of the harness, meaning you still need to manually re-thread the harness. Infa Secure have introduced the Twist and lift mechanism on the EVolve (a G type seat) so I were hoping it would be also on the new Kompressor II Luxury Isofix Child restraint.

Check your local baby stores around mid December for your Infa Secure Kompressor II Luxury Isofix car-seat.

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