Britax millenia car seat review

Recommended  – The Britax Millenia is now a Discontinued convertible car seat and can now only be purchased as a second hand seat. Though when in production was a an excellent car seat Read More

I was an easy to use (loosen and tighten the harness) convertible car seat and easy to adjust the harness in small increments. The Britax millenia comes with both; isofix and seat belt installation options; with three recline positions; one for rear facing , one upright forward facing and one recline forward facing position.

Thermo fabric

The Termo fabric s a wicking fabric designed to draw moisture away from your child, keeping them cooler. The Thermo fabric is also easier to clean.

Britax Millenia Isofix

In 1997 Britax along with Volkswagon created the Isofix system; designed to help parents install their child restraints easier. With over 20 years of creating carseats; the Isofix on the Britax millenia is easy to attach, and tension and provides a solid installation. When the Isofix cannot be used the isofix connections tuck easily in a compartment and are hidden.

Britax Millenia Recline

THe Britax Millenia has three recline positions; one for rear facing and two for forward facing. The forward facing recline can be achieved lifting the lever at the from. The rear facing recline requires lifting the forward facing lever and pressing the lever on the base for recline at the same time.

Safer Harness design

The Britax Millenia car seat; like all Britax seats has a harness increment of 15 mm; whereas other manufacturers such as maxi cosi have a 30 mm adjustment and infa secure have roughly a 40mm adjustment. This smaller harness adjustment means the harness is in the optimal position and closer to your childs shoulders; keeping them safer.

An additional benefit of the smaller increments is that there is less chance your child will get their arms out of the harness.

Easy Cleaning

Unlike many other car seats out there, it is possible to easily take off the Millenia covers, should they get messy.

Britax Installation

Installation of the Millenia is easy; when your car has isofix points to use. The installation using the seat belt is straight forward; either using the lock off clips provided by Britax for both rear facing and forward facing. A tighter fit can be achieved with a locking clip.

When you have doubts about your ability to install your child restrating call in a professional baby seat installation expert