Child Restraint Test fitting

A Child Restraint test fitting is normally only required when you are expecting your third child.

The reason for the car seat test fitting is to ensure that it is possible to get all three child restraints installed in the back seat.

In alot of cases this may mean that you will need to change at least one if not two of the current child restraints, combined with a capsule.

Before you approach the baby store there are several tasks which you need to complete so that you can make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Preparation for Restraint Test Fitting

  1. Measure the width of your back seat
  2. Check to see if there are bucket seats and if so how wide are the wings on each side of the back seat
  3. How wide are your current child restraints at their widest point.
  4. Is the centre position raised above (bucket seats) on either side
  5. Is there a split in the back seat (especially in the centre position)

With all this information it should be possible to determine the child restraints needed and their position on the back seat

The cost for the test fitting, is based upon the time taken to perform the test fitting