Car Seat

Car-seats is a generic term applied to all child restraints, regardless whether theya re baby capsules, convertible child restraints, extended rear facing child restraints, convertible booster seats, booster seats or extended harnessed child restraints.

Extended Rear facing child restraints are called A4 child restraints, which means that the child restraint has been dynamically tested for an average 30 month old child. which means that there will be some children that may stay in these longer and some shorter.

The extended harnessed child restraint is a forward facing child restraint from 6 months of age to approximately 8 years of age. This type of child restraint is designated a G type child restraint and is designed for the child to be in an internal harness from when they turn to forward facing till 8 years of age. The extended harnessed seat avoids problems when parents may move a child into a booster before they are the correct height