Summary Maxi Cosi Hera MkII

Not Recommended – The maxi Cosi Hera MkII is the original Hera but with lower height markers, meaning your child will only last until is approximately 3 years of age.

The Maxi Cosi Hera MkII is the replacement of the Recalled maxi Cosi which had problems with the covers getting caught under the harness release lever. As far as i am aware maxi cosi have not given the replacement a new name.

There has been very little change between the old recalled maxi cosi Hera and the new maxi cosi Hera. You will notice that there are no longer any clips on the cover near the harness release lever. This means that the cover just floats and you need to thread the tightening strap accordingly.

EURO Nxt – Lower Height Markers

Maxi Cosi a2 Vs A4 Hera height markers

The shell of the Maxi Cosi car seat, has stayed the same. The top marker has moved down 13.5 cm from the top of the restraint.

maxi cosi euro nxt review with Gcell

When the headrest is fully extended, the harness straps are right on the second marker meaning when you are forward facing your child shoulders will be pushing into the head rest of the child restraint

Hera MkII Harness straps

The shoulder straps are Velcro to the cover making it harder to loosen and tighten the harness. Maxi Cosi have now removed the Velcro from the cover; so that the shoulder pads are no longer attached to the car seat cover. This is how it should have been to begin with.

Forward facing blanket is now a Bonus

The original Maxi Cosi Hera included a bag, which contained a messy mat as well as a blanket for when the child is forward facing. However since the recall the Forward facing blanket is no longer included, and you now need to register to receive the blanket.

Redesigned cover for the Maxi Cosi Recall

The Maxi Cosi Hera cover has been redesigned so that there is no longer any possibility of the cover catching under the release button. This is how the Hera, should have been designed from the very beginning. An better alternative to Maxi Cosi Euro NXT is the Britax Millenia SICT

What many parents do not realise, fitters are not allowed to change the covers due to clauses in the insurance policy; unless we are approved repairers for the company.

Hera MkII Summary

Not Recommended – If I were a parent; and had an impacted Maxi Cosi Hera from the recall; I would simply replace it with another manufacturers child restraint. The benefits of the Hera MkII are minimal and the RRP is almost the same as Britax which is mostly made in Australia(At the time of writing).

If you waited for the redesigned cover for the maxi cosi hera, parents will be disappointed; all that has changed is minimal.