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Safety Check Booking Procedure – 21 July 2015

The Next car seat safety check day from Child Restraint Fitting will be in Moorabbin, this is the second in the series of our free car seat safety check days; where you will be allocated a time slot once your email is received, we will send you an email response with your time slot allocation.

Please Note that this is NOT a car seat Fitting day, and is not a replacement for a professional car seat fitting or an excuse to just throw the child restraint into the car and hope i will fix it. The car seat safety check day is just that; a safety check to make sure there are no minor errors in the installation.

Each time slot for the baby car seat fitting check is 10 minutes, if you are over 4 minutes late, you will lose you time slot allocation.

If you need a specific time, for the Safety check, the cost is $45.

You will receive a report; with regards to your car seat fitting check, with details about the car seat and any issues you may have.

Car seat safety check adjustments

Simple corrections will be made within the time slot; however if there are major issues and the car-seat needs to be re-installed; a separate appointment will be required. Any monies paid on the car seat check day will be deducted from the installation cost ($40).

Details Car seat safety check day in Moorabbin

Date 21st July 2015
Location : Car Park outside the old Clive Peters shop
UPDATE – 20 August 2015 – currently there are no more car seat check days planned for Moorabbin.

For Car Seat Fitting in Moorabbin please call 0420 516 587

Note : Car seat fitting checks events are only possible through accredited playgroups and are scheduled events on specific days. Checking a installation not done by childrestraintfitting.com has the same cost as a Mobile baby car seat ninstallation