how do I hire a baby capsule

Hiring a baby Capsule for the first couple of months; is a great help for many first time parents. When bubs is in the capsule, you can transfer bubs without disturbing them pram to the car and then inside. What is involved, how does the hire process work. At Travel Safe Capsule Hire in Melbourne we want to make the process easy for you.

Why Hire

Purchasing a Baby capsule or a convertible car seat can be expensive. On the other hand; hiring a baby capsule, frees up cash for other expenses; eg getting the baby nursery ready. We understand this and; want your start to parenthood, to be easier with our 4 month hire with free installation; within our capsule hire service area

Capsule Hire Service Area

TravelSafe Capsule hire are presently a Melbourne based capsule hire company , servicing the Bayside, the south eastern suburbs and select easter suburbs. When you are outside our capsule hire service area, it may be possible to meet at a location within our service area. Please contact us to discuss this.

How does the Hire a Baby capsule process work

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  • On the scheduled date Travel Safe will deliver the capsule to you (provided you are in the service area)
  • We then show you how the capsule works
  • We install the baby capsule into your vehicle.
  • Then let you experience how the capsule works.
  • 4 Weeks prior to the end of your hire we contact you via email as a google calendar notification
  • At capsule pick-up we offer $5 discount on your car seat installation; when done at same time as capsule pick-up

Installation – Baby capsule hire

When you hire a Maxi Cosi Mico Ap capsule, you do not need to worry if you bought the correct seat, or if this capsule fit in my car, or will my partner be able to install the capsule. At Travel Safe we take care of the baby capsule installation for you.

Do you Provide an Installation Certificate. Yes we provide a installation certificate with our registration/ accreditation number.

Please Note: When you require a later model Capsule, we recommend to hire the maxi cosi Mico Plus capsule. All Capsules are under 10 years of age and have never been involved in an accident.

Free Installation or D.I.Y. Installation

Some hire companies want you to install the capsule your self by watching online videos. This can be a very dangerous approach; as the chance for an error is very high; and places un-necessary stress on first time parents. Contrast this to the personal tuition and expert guidance; when a specialist baby capsule installation expert comes to your home and installs the baby capsule.

Free Delivery and Pickup

Many hire companies try to maximise their profits by offering free delivery; but you must return the capsule to the company at the end of the hire period.

One hire company has even gone to the extreme of making you pay for delivery ($25); and then you need to struggle with bubs; and post it back to the hire company. This is just sheer laziness; by the hire company wanting to maximise profits; and not be involved with helping you on your parental journey.

Travel Safe capsule hire in Melbourne always offer Free delivery and pick up of the capsule (within our service area). Travel safe are the only hire company who started as specialist baby car seat fitters in Melbourne. The founder Anthony has installed over 16000 baby car seats / capsules since 2012.

Personal Guidance

At Travel Safe we understand that people learn by two main methods. Some parents learn by watching a demonstration and others learn by a hands on approach. This is why; Travel Safe firstly demonstrate how the capsule works; and the lets you experience the capsule first hand followed by our experts walking you through the complete experience, and correcting any mis-understanding.

Hire Date and Period

When Should I start the hire of my baby capsule – it is recommended that you start your baby capsule hire at least 2 weeks prior to your due date.

How long should I hire the Baby Capsule for. Many parents find that 4 or 6 months is the best hire period as bubs plus capsule becomes very heavy around 5 months.

Should you hire for 4 months you can extend; should you need the capsule for a longer period of time.

How do I Book Baby Capsule Hire

The easiest way to book your baby capsule hire is to call us directly on 0466 99 7233. Otherwise when you are in our service area in Melbourne, click on the booking button below.

Isofix or Not (Hire a baby capsule)

Should I get an ISOFIX Capsule. NO….Isofix is NOT safer than a non-isofix capsule. As an RTO trained and ACRI Accredited fitter, we provide complete capsule installation and demonstration of the capsule/carseat. If you still need to hire a isofix capsule Please consider the maxi cosi mico plus isofix capsule.


Should I Get an Additional Base – When you hire a baby capsule; It is recommended to get an additional base when multiple people are picking up and handling your child. Using an additional base reduces your cost considerably in the first couple of months. A guide to selecting baby car seats for grand children can be found here

Which capsule

At Travel Safe; we only work with the best capsules on the market for your children. As such; we only stock the britax Unity capsule; Maxi Cosi Mico AP and the Maxi Cosi Mico Plus capsules.

The Maxi Cosi Capsules are designed for up to 6 months of age and fit the majority of prams out there. The Britax Capsule is designed for up to 12 months of age and fit a limited range of Prams

Does the Baby capsule need to fit onto a specific pram, check out our guide for maxi cosi Mico Ap Capsule hire and the Britax Unity Capsule Hire

Why is there a deposit – When you hire a baby capsule; the deposit secures the baby capsule on the scheduled date with delivery and installation.