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isofix attachments back-seat It was now legal to sell ISOFIX compatible child restraints in Australia; however some FACTS need to be clarified relating to ISOFIX, and the safety of the Australian ISOFIX compatible system.

Rigid ISOFIX Connector

Rigid ISOFIX compatible connectors

Rigid connectors are located at the base of the child restraint, which connect to the vehicle’s ISOFIX anchorages. The top tether strap must be anchored to the vehicle. The vehicle seat-belt will not be required when the rigid connectors are being used. Examples include; Britax Trufix (now discontinued) and the Nuna Pippa Klik capsule.

Flexible ISOFIX Connectors


Flexible ISOFIX Compatible connectors

Flexible straps with connectors are located at the base of the child restraint which connect to the vehicle’s ISOFIX anchorages. The flexible connectors are then adjusted to secure the child restraint firmly to the vehicle. The top tether strap must be anchored to the vehicle. The vehicle seat-belt will not be required when the flexible isofix connectors are being used.

  • have a top tether strap
  • have a rebound prevention feature (to keep a rearward facing child restraint in the correct position in the event of a crash)
  • be tested in a side impact (in the event of a side impact crash)
  • To be tested in an inverted position to test for occupant ejection ensuring the child does not get ejected from their child restraint should the vehicle roll over

The European Standards do not require any of these measures; making the Australian ISOFIX Compatible system safer.

INFA ISOFIX Child Restraints

infa_secure Kompressor II Luxury

Infa Secure have only 1 ISOFIX Child restraint, which is the Kompressor II Luxury. The Kompressor II is re-designed for easier access to the ISOFIX anchor points. Ensure the ISOFIX straps are at the longest, then connect the ISOFIX connectors. Take out all the slack from both sides using the gap in base of the seat. This should not take any longer than 7 minutes.

Advantages of INFA Isofix Seats

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to dis-connect

Maxi Cosi ISOFIX Child restraints

maxi cosi euro car-seat

At the time of writing Maxi Cosi have 2 ISOFIX child restraints; these being the HERA ISOGO and the Euro ISOGO. Both of these child car-seats are A/B type child restraints.

The Installation of the Maxi Cosi ISOGO child restraints is difficult and does not have a slot to pull up through. Pull the tensioning strap towards the centre to install maxi cosi isofix seats. These seats are difficult to install using isofix system.

The Maxi Cosi isofix system does NOT work effectively when the isofix connectors are close to the seat, resulting in a loose connection.

NOT RECOMMENDED – The Maxi Cosi system does not work effectively compared to the seat belt installation.Some parents may feel the installation is not secure.

If you are having trouble installing your ISOFIX child restraint. Contact an ACRI Accredited Child restraint Fitter in Melbourne

bayside child restraint fitting

Safe n Sound ISOFIX Child restraints

RIGID isofix child restraint

Britax have 3 restraints with ISOFIX, these being

  • Safe n Sound Platinum SICT ISOFIX (flexible)
  • Unity Infant ISOFIX Carrier(flexible)
  • Britax TRUFIX Child restraint (rigid – now dis-continued)

Recommended – When you require ISOFIX; select Britax Isofix system; it works easily without the difficulties of other seats.

Buy ISOFIX Child Restraints Online

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