Summary – Britax Maxi Guard review

Highly recommended The Safe n Sound Maxi Guard is the best G type seat to be released and will keep your child safe until they are are approximately 8 years of age. Many factors make this an excellent seat and it is the standard other manufacturers should ascribe to.

Britax were the second company to release a new G type seat, which is in accordance with the new child restraint standards released in September 2014.

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A G type seat, means the child can be harnessed to approximately 8 years of age. Great news for parents who were dreading the daily struggles of using a booster seat. A G seat means that you no longer need to have a H harness. An extended harnessing seat means you have a safe option to keep your children harnessed until 8 years of age.

Ensure your Maxi Guard will Fit

Prior to purchasing the Safe n Sound maxi guard, ensure your car does not have a low roof height ensuring you can raise and lower the maxi guard with ease. The maxi guard is almost identical to the maxi rider; and some cars out there where the maxi guard will not fit.

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Easy Cleaning

Unlike many other car seats out there, it is possible to easily take off the maxi guard covers, should they get messy.

Safe n Sound maxi guard recline

The ability to have the child restraint in either an upright position or in a reclined position, is an important feature of the Britax Maxi guard. This is important when your child goes from rear facing to forward facing; as they will want to sleep in the car in a reclined position.

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easy adjust harness

The possibility to easily tighten or loosen the harness; (without the need to be superman (or superwoman for that matter), is a feature all child restraints should have. You should not have to resort to tricks; such as pulling the harness from behind or to pull in short movements.

I would have loved to have seen the maxi guard; with the ability to raise the head rest without loosening the harness before raising the headrest.

Safe n Sound Maxi Guard Installation

The Maxi Guard can be difficult to get a good tight fit in your car. It is highly receommended to use a curved gated buckle to ensure the installation does not slip over time. If you have any doubtabout your ability to install the maxi guard contact Mobile Baby Car seat fitting in Melbourne. Better yet text them on 0420 516 587. Always make sure you use a ACRI accredited car seat fitter.

Summary – Safe n Sound Maxi Guard review

Highly recommended The Maxi Guard has many features which many child restraints the best on the market. The ability to have either an upright position or a reclines position; is important for many parents who want a good sleeping position for their child.