Convertib;le- booster height markers

grey-swirl forward facing comfi-caprice by infa SecureConvertible Booster seats are simply referred to as forward facing seats, and cannot be used as a rear facing child restraint.

Even though the law says that a child can be forward facing from six months of age, in reality the 6 months of ages is simply too young to forward face as the child has not developed sufficient strength in their necks and backs to support themselves in a forward facing position.

Child safety experts have recognised this and have been working hard to introduce extended rear facing child restraints. In the Australian Standards these extended rear facing child restraints are referred to as A4 child restraints. An A4 Baby car seat is tested to a large 30 month old and have an exit marker of 39 cm.

Shoulder height markers refer to the torso length of the child when they are sitting down

With the Introduction of as1754:2013, convertible booster seats already existed; however the shoulder height markers had not been standardised, setting a maximum and minimum shoulder height markers

Convertible Booster height markers (6month-8yrs) descending order by tallest inbuilt harness height

  • Safe n Sound Maxi Rider Easy Adjust: Entry height: 31cms. Harness height to/Booster entry: 45cms.  Exit: 51cms
  • Infasecure Comfi Caprice: Entry height 29cms. Harness height to/Booster entry: 45cms. Exit: 51cms
  • Infasecure Comfi Crown/Comfi Cruiser/Roamer Plus/RallyE/Atlantis/Sprinter:entry height: 29cms. Harness height to/Booster entry: 45cms. Booster: 51cms.
  • Safe n Sound Novus: entry height: 31cm. Harness to/booster entry: 42-43cm. exit: 52cm
  • Love N Care Virgo: Harness to: 42cm. Booster to: 50cm
  • Cargo Marathon: Entry height: 30cm. Harness height to/Booster entry: 40cm. Exit: 51cm
  • Babylove Easy Combo: entry height: 30cms. Harness height to/Booster entry: 39cms. Exit: 50cms
  • Hipod Senator: entry height: 30cm.  Harness height to/Booster entry: 39cm. Exit: 44cm
  • Safety 1st Custodian: entry height: 28cms. FWD facing: 38cms. Booster: 52cms

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