untethered-booster seats when do you use them

What is an Untethered Booster seat

The untethered booster, is designed for occassional use; and where there are no anchor points installed; such as the third row of a seven seater suv/ van. Occasional use; is defined for when a grandparent; picks up their grand-child sometimes from child care or needs to pick the children up in an emergency.

Booster Cushions

The Booster Cushions (Polystyrene booster seat); are no longer sold in retail stores. Booster cushions; do not offer any side impact protection. When the booster cushion is new and potentially comes from china; the cooster cushion is dangerous and has n ot passed the australian standards .

Although this type of booster does not comply with the latest Standards and will no longer be manufactured, they are still legal for use.

Booster cushions do not offer side impact protection and, as a result, must only be used in the centre position of the back seat.

Height Markers

Like all booster seats; the untethered booster seat has a minimum shoulder height marker and a maximum shoulder height marker. Even when your chils is over 4 years of age ; should they npt reach the minimum shoulder height marker ; use of the iuntethered booster will be dangerous.

All un-tethered boosters need to offer back and side protection as well as being below 2kg in weight.

Height markers for Untethered Booster seats (4-8yrs)

  • Safe n Sound Tourer: entry: entry: 38cm. exit: 50cm
  • Safe N Sound Urban: entry: 35cm. exit: 49cm
  • Hipod Rio: entry: 40cm. Exit: 48cm
  • Infasecure Versatile/Traveller: entry: 36cm. Exit: 45cm
  • Babylove EzyMove

Untethered or Tethered

It is always preferable to use a booster seat which is tethered; as this provides additional security. The additional security features; an adjustable head rest, sash guide for the seat belt ;and for britax seats there is the anti submarining clip to prevent your child sliding under the seat bellt. Due to the numbers of adjustments on the Britax Hi liner it is recommened to call a mobile baby car seat installer to teach you how to make the necessary adjustments

Recommended Untethered Booster seat

if you have the choice of a tethered booster sea;t or an untethered booster seat, always choose the tethered booster seat. Wherever possible; it is recommended; a booster seat, with high back and sides be used.

The only un-tethered booster seat that can be recommended is the Britax Tourer. The Britax Tourer has a anti submarining clip to prevent sliding under the lap section of the seat belt.