NOT Recommended – The Getaway Folding Booster seat is intended for occasional use, for grand-parents and carers..

The Infa Secure Getaway Folding Booster is light-weight, unique booster seat designed primarily for portability and ease of use, however in comparison to the Britax Tourer it feels very flimsy

Child care centres and day care centres will benefit form this seat, as it enables you to fit a large range of different child ages. When the infa secure Getaway is folded it is light weight and easy to transport with a built in carry handle.

The Getaway booster seat uses a plastic injection molded shell, and incorporates a full backrest with side impact head protection. Most critically the Getaway weighs less than 2kg.

Getaway top tether

The Getaway booster seat weighs less than 2kg, and does not require a top tether strap. This makes the Getaway booster seat an exceptionally easy to use booster seat.

How to install a Infa Getaway Folding Booster seat

The installation of the Infa Getaway booster seat is very straightforward.

  • Place versatile seat on vehicle seat.
  • identify the booster mode seat belt path (indicated by red labels).
  • extend the lap sash seat belt, placing the lap part under both arm rests.
  • connect seat belt and ensure it is fully locked into the buckle.
  • be vigilant that your child does not un-buckle the seat belt.
  • ensure you child knows how to fit the seat belt.

The INFA Secure Getaway Folding light-weight Booster passes the same Australian Standard criteria that all other booster seats must pass.

Recommended – These light-weight boosters seats are intended for occasional use, for grand-parents and carers which sometimes need to pick up children once or twice a month.