Safe n sound meridian-tilt-adjust

Summary Meridian Tilt n Adjust

NOT RECOMMENDED… Update 2014 There are more up to date car seats which operate easier and have an easier to use easy adjust harness. Many parents reported that the tilt and adjust child restraints were difficult to tighten and led to many parents pulling the harness from behind to secure the harness around their child. Secondly when the restraint is forward facing, the tilt mechanism can be pushed forward by the cars head rest causing the restraint head rest to fall down.

Ease of Use Meridian Tilt n Adjust

The Tilt n Adjust mechanism is difficult to get used to; due to the adjuster not releasing easily from the slots and the need to push the head restraint strongly forward.

The harness is difficult to tighten causing many parents to leave the harness very loose thus allowing the child to get their arms out of the harness easily..

Safe n Sound Meridian AHR T & A

Side impact crashes are a serious threat to your child’s safety.

The Meridian AHR Tilt & Adjust is the creation of a safety cell within an existing seat, combining Tilt & Adjust headrest and Infant Safety Cushion Technology. The Tilt & Adjust headrest adjusts to grow with your child for optimal head protection all of the time. For small babies the Infant Safety Cushion absorbs energy on child’s torso during a side impact crash.

Features – Praline Meridian AHR from Safe n Sound

  • Suitable from birth to approx. 4 years old (50th percentile)
  • The deep side wings are EPS lined, designed to contain and protect the head in a side impact crash
  • The unique Tilt & Adjust feature avoids re-harnessing of the seat making it easier and safer to use (means no need to re-thread harness reducing the risk of installing incorrectly)
  • AHR Tilt & Adjust is a unique adjustable head restraint developed to be adjusted as your child grows
  • This insert includes composite material support pad on each side to absorb energy on the babies torso during a side impact crash
  • The AHR head rest is more than 70% larger to improve side impact protection
  • Exclusive Safe-n-Sound sliding retractable stabilising bar
  • Rearward and forward facing seat belt lock offs provide a more secure fit in the vehicle
  • Reversible padded insert and headrest cover
  • Soft plush fabrics and shoulder pads for superior comfort
  • Handy storage pocket