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Luxi by InfaSecure review
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Luxi by InfaSecure relevant in 2020?

Is the Luxi seat really relevant?

InfaSecure have been manufacturing the Luxi car seat or its equivalent for the past 16 years; since the 2004 standards (with the model CS40/41). However on reflection this design of car seat has little to no change in the design. Unfortunately in my opinion making this an outdated version of an an Australia original a weight based seat.

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family use acri accredited fitter
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Benefits of Accredited Car Seat Installation

Accredited Car Seat Installation is a complex area which many parents and even industry experts find difficult to keep up with. The only true way to be certain that you have the correct information is to contact an ACRI Accredited Car Seat Installation and fitter.

Many Parents see the installation of their car seat as just another expense and do not fully understand the service which is being offered by an Accredited baby car seat installer.

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baby restraint fitters south-melbourne
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South Melbourne Car Seat Fitting

South Melbourne car seat fitting is as simple as calling (03) 9694 4424 or making a booking online easy simple and direct by ACRI accredited Fitters

When you book a car seat fitting through South Melbourne baby seat Fitting, we take the time to come to your home, and explain how the car seat is used. Unlike many other local child restraint fitting services; where you need to schedule a certain day, We will not rush the installation just to achieve the quota for the day.

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booster vs extended harnessing
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Extended Harnessing restraint vs Booster seats

Extended Harnessing was introduced on the 17 September 2014; with the new Australian Standards for child restraints. The 2014 australian standard, saw the introduction ISOFIX child restraints; as well as introducing the G type child restraint (extended forward facing); and the A4 type baby car seat (extended rear facing child restraint).

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Convertib;le- booster height markers
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Convertible Booster height markers

grey-swirl forward facing comfi-caprice by infa SecureConvertible Booster seats are simply referred to as forward facing seats, and cannot be used as a rear facing child restraint.

Even though the law says that a child can be forward facing from six months of age, in reality the 6 months of ages is simply too young to forward face as the child has not developed sufficient strength in their necks and backs to support themselves in a forward facing position.

Child safety experts have recognised this and have been working hard to introduce extended rear facing child restraints. In the Australian Standards these extended rear facing child restraints are referred to as A4 child restraints. An A4 Baby car seat is tested to a large 30 month old and have an exit marker of 39 cm.

Shoulder height markers refer to the torso length of the child when they are sitting down

With the Introduction of as1754:2013, convertible booster seats already existed; however the shoulder height markers had not been standardised, setting a maximum and minimum shoulder height markers

Convertible Booster height markers (6month-8yrs) descending order by tallest inbuilt harness height

  • Safe n Sound Maxi Rider Easy Adjust: Entry height: 31cms. Harness height to/Booster entry: 45cms.  Exit: 51cms
  • Infasecure Comfi Caprice: Entry height 29cms. Harness height to/Booster entry: 45cms. Exit: 51cms
  • Infasecure Comfi Crown/Comfi Cruiser/Roamer Plus/RallyE/Atlantis/Sprinter:entry height: 29cms. Harness height to/Booster entry: 45cms. Booster: 51cms.
  • Safe n Sound Novus: entry height: 31cm. Harness to/booster entry: 42-43cm. exit: 52cm
  • Love N Care Virgo: Harness to: 42cm. Booster to: 50cm
  • Cargo Marathon: Entry height: 30cm. Harness height to/Booster entry: 40cm. Exit: 51cm
  • Babylove Easy Combo: entry height: 30cms. Harness height to/Booster entry: 39cms. Exit: 50cms
  • Hipod Senator: entry height: 30cm.  Harness height to/Booster entry: 39cm. Exit: 44cm
  • Safety 1st Custodian: entry height: 28cms. FWD facing: 38cms. Booster: 52cms

Call 0420 516 587 for baby car seat fitting service in melbourne

local car seat fitting
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Oakleigh Car seat fitting

At Oakleigh car seat fitting we want to ensure that you understand how to use your child restraint /  baby capsule.

When you book a car seat fitting through us, we take the time to come to your home, and explain how the car seat is used. Unlike many other local child restraint fitting services; where you need to schedule a certain day, We do not want to rush the installation; we do not have a quota for the day.

Have a question about Oakleigh car seat fitting

We take our time to explain everything in easy to understand language, we allow you to ask any questions you feel you need answering and we explain the typical issues you may encounter when using the car seat.

Added to this; we also provide an installation certificate so that you know the installation has been done in accordance with best practices. Naturally we are ACRI Professional and current member so you know we provide a quality service.

At Child restraint fitting; we service along the Bayside and the South East Suburbs of Melbourne, providing a relible and experienced service for families.

If you are not certain as to which car seat or booster to choose we review most Capsules, car seats and boosters with feedback from families as to how easy the baby car seat is to use and adjust.

Oakleigh car seat fitting safety-check list

In Oakleigh we also provide you with a Safety Check list to help remember the vital points of our conversation; helping you and your child travel safely. The safety check list is a helpful reminder as to what you need to check on both a daily basis and not so seldom basis (normally once every 3-4 weeks). The safety check list will always be provided by only ACRI trained baby car seat fitters.

Are you confused about ISOFIX, read our story on understanding ISOFIX

Looking for help with your Infa Secure Evolve, our story may have the answer to your problem.

Last but not least perhaps you are looking for the Recarro Capsule review

Note : Car seat fitting checks events are only possible through accredited playgroups and are scheduled events on specific days. Checking a installation not done by has the same cost as an installation

hawthorn mobile car-seat fitting
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Car seat fitting in Hawthorn

Local Car seat fitter in Hawthorn

At car seat fitting in Hawthorn; we understand that you are very busy and do not always have the time to fit in with the local baby shop in Hawthorn. Furthermore, we take you through the whole operation of the child restraint; so that you will understand how to operate the child restraint, booster or baby capsule.

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Car Seat Fitting Cost
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Do I Need a Locking Clip

What is a Locking Clip

safe n sound locking clip

A Gated Buckle is also called a Locking clip; which is used to help lock in the lateral tension; to prevent lateral movement in case of a side impact with another object.

maxi cosi locking clip

When you have either a Japanese car or an American Car; then there is a very good chance that you will not need a Gated buckle or a locking clip. The reason ;you may not need a gated buckle; is that these cars have what is called ALR or ELR (Automatic Locking Retraction, or Emergency Locking Retraction)

ALR/ ELR is a safety device in the seat belt locking mechanism to prevent the Seat belt from coming out further than it should. In order to activate the ALR / ELR mechanism, you need to pull the seat belt out fully, once you pull the seat belt out full and release the seat belt slowly, you will hear a clicking noise like a ratchet as it rewinds.

Alternatives to Locking Clip

Exactus Clip

The Exactus clip; is from Infa Secure; and is intended as an easier application to lock off the tension on the seat belt. The installation appears to be easy; until you start tensioning the seat belt and then trying to close the exactus clip. In order to lock off the exactus clip; you will require a pair of multi grips, to lock it off while the seat belt is under tension

Safe Grip Clamp

The safe grip clamp is included in all premium infa seats. The safe grip clamp is different to a locking clip or exactus clip; in that it is used on the buckle side of the seat. The key to using the safe grip clamp is to place it as close the the seat belt clip and only secure it across the sash section of the seat belt.


Like the safe grip clamp, the lockie goes on the buckle side of the seat belt. The lockie is intended for Family day care centres who need to tak out the seats on a regular basis. Unfortunately the lockie is made out of plastic which is very this and can buckle easily. To use the Lockie; tension the seat belt, by pulling the sash; then slot the lockie in the gap where the seat belt passes.


Like any situation; if you are in doubt, with your ability to use a gated buckle or an alternative to a gated buckle; then call in Professional Car seat fitters from the ACRI