Summary – Maxi Cosi Euro A4 Car seat Recall

Not Recommended – The Maxi Cosi Euro has lower shoulder height markers when compared to Britax and Infa. Additionally the ISOFIX system does not work effectively; and it may be not as tight as a seat belt installation.

Can MAXI COSI be trusted in the future, they released a child restraint that was not certified by SAI GLOBAL and kept repeating that it was just paper work. SAI Global finally came out to say that the seats were not certified and ACCC issued a Recall Notice. I.M.O. I would NOT TRUST Maxi Cosi ever again.

Maxi Cosi Euro car seats recalled – update June 2015

on March 15 2015 information is released that the new Maxi Cosi Euro A4 Child restraints have been released.

On 15 June 2015 Dorel Finally admitted that their A4 EURO Car Seats were not certified by SAIGLOGAL, which was a response from a question david george asked on June 12. This comment now appears to have been deleted from the Maxi Cosi Facebook page.

Faulty A2 Maxi Cosi Euro child restraint

On the 11 June Tamarin Carrett posted on the maxi cosi Facebook page a video which showed the harness being loose after it had been tightened. This was another reason for the recall from the ACCC.


Do not buy the maxi cosi euro just for the isofix; you will be sadly disappointed with the performance and the difficulty installing using isofix.

Due to the fact that you need to tension the isofix connectors toward the centre of the seat, a solid green indication can be difficult to achieve.

Turning your Maxi Cosi Euro Forward facing to use the ISOFIX connectors is just as futile, despite the fact you can now pull the tightening strap directly inline, you may still not get a secure fit due to the design of your car-seat. Of particular concern are BMW and Mercedes which usually have wide wings on the side of the back seat.

When you opt for seat belt installation, forward facing you need to remove the isofix connectors from their pocket before you can thread the seat belt through the approved seat-belt path.

Unfortunately you now have no choice but to purchase a Maxi cosi Euro with isofix as there is no option to purchase a maxi cosi without isofix any longer…….

The Maxi Cosi Euro Style convertible car seat is now using the Maxi cosi ‘Cool Baby’ wicking fabric which draws the moisture away from your baby.

Rear facing Maxi Cosi

All parents know that rear-facing is the safest way to travel and combined with Maxi Cosi’s Air Protect side impact protection, it’s the best way to protect the head and neck.

With the Maxi Cosi Euro you can have your baby traveling for up to 12 months rear facing position. When your baby’s shoulders have reached the lower height marker, you can turn the seat around.

A4 Maxi Cosi Euro (updated July 2015)

The Euro now comes as an A4, which means that you can now have extended rear facing until an average of 24 months (parent feedback). All A4 extended rear facing child restraints have three height markers. The first marker indicates the minimum torso length before you can turn the child around. Best practice is to keep them rear facing until the second marker. The third marker is the 4 years of age height marker

The Maxi Cosi Euro Convertible car-seat is suitable from birth to approximately 4 years of age.

Negatives – Maxi Cosi Euro

Loosening the harness

The first item you will notice is the harness pads are not loose and fixed at the top of the harness. This may not seem much of an issue in the shop but when you try to loosen the harness to put around the shoulders of the child, however you need to pull forward and from the bottom of the harness. This is not clear and parent have been pulling the harness from the top for any years.

Secure harness

The shoulder pads are attached at the top, making it difficult for a person who does not have a lot of arm strength to tighten the harness. This is a safety issue and possibly a recall issue, if there was not a workaround. When a parent cannot tighten the harness sufficiently there is a chance the parent may leave the harness loose, compromising the integrity of the child restraint. The workaround is to disconnect the should pads from the fabric (attached by Velcro on back of cover).

UPDATE – Shoulder Pads
The Euro NXT no longer has the shoulder pads attached to the car-seat fabric. I can only assume that Maxi Cosi have realised that it was causing problems for mums and dads to tighten the harness of the restraint.

Plastic on harness adjustment levers

There is a tendency for the plastic to slide off the harness adjustment levers at the top of the seat, should a parent exert upwards and inward pressure to the levers. Once the plastic has come off it is almost impossible to put the plastic back on the levers.

Summary Review Maxi Cosi Euro

The wicking fabric of the euro is the biggest asset along with the easy harness adjustment, however considering the negatives, I feel there are better alternatives on the market for the money being spent and given that it is only a 0 to 4 child restraint then I am somewhat disappointed