maxi cosi goliath review

Maxi Cosi Goliath Summary

Updated June 2015

Not Recommended The maxi cosi goliath is not recommended. Early in 2015 Maxi Cosi made the decision to not continue the goliath and replaced it with the maxi cosi aura (also not recommended).

One of the main reason for not recommending the Goliat; is that there are safer seats available such as the G type seats of the Infa Evolve or the Britax Maxi Guard. The G seat keeps a child internally harnessed until they reach the average height of an 8 year old.

Booster seats on the other hand are not as safe as a G type seats due to the fact a parent may move a child into booster mode too early.

Goliath Car-seat Review

You are having your third child and you are dreading the thought of upgrading your car to larger SUV or 4WD, just so that you can fit three car-seat across the back seat of the car.

Many of the child restraint fitters have told you it is not possible to get three across your station wagon, unfortunately many child restraint technicians only like to recommend one type of child restraint and will not offer advice that recommends a child restraint from another manufacturer.

The child restraint that many will not tell you about is the maxi cosi Goliath. The Goliath car-seat is a B/E type car seat which means that it is a 6 month to 8 years of age child restraint, from 6 months to approximately 4 years of age, it is a forward facing child restraint with an internal harness. From 4 years of age to 8 years of age it is a booster seat, using the normal lap / sash seat belt and the sash guide.

The huge advantage of the maxi cosi Goliath is that it inter-works well with capsules in tight spaces, by the fact that the arm rests of the Goliath being short, so that the handle of the capsule knit in well with the Goliath car-seat. meaning you can fit the Goliath and capsule closer together making the combination ideal for smaller cars.

To ensure that you can fit your third child restraint into the back seat, you need to work out the maximum width of each seat and the width of the wings butting up against each other. Generally you will need a seat with flat sides so that the energy absorbency of the shell protects your child rather than having wider wings. The seat to choose in this case is either an INFA Kompressor or an INFA Secure Luxi car-seat.